Price and convenience can drive consumers to purchase cannabis from illegal, rather than legal, sources

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Despite the legalization of cannabis sales in Canada and most US states, the illegal market still exists. A new study in Journal of Alcohol and Drug Studies suggests that the increased cost and discomfort associated with the legal basis may be a barrier that encourages consumers to seek out unlicensed licensors.

Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario looked at data from the 2019 and 2020 Global Cannabis Policy Study, which collected data from 16 to 65-year-olds. Participants were asked how many marijuana users had used in the last 12 months from source or authorization. If someone enters a price below 100%, they are made to choose from a list of reasons to buy cannabis.

“Legal sources have the highest cost” is the answer no. 1 for respondents in Canada in two years (35.9% in 2019 and 34.6% in 2020), as well as in the United States (27.3% in 2019 and 26.7% in 2020). Facilitation — covered by “inappropriate sources of law” and “The courtroom is too far / nowhere to live” —is on the list again, with a number of respondents who mentioned these in position levels ranged from 10.6% to -19.8%.

Other possible factors, such as low quality, desire to be secretive, quick delivery and reliability to the dealer, are less frequently selected by respondents as factors in purchasing options.

“We have also noticed regional differences and changes over time – many factors are declining in the coming years, reflecting changes in the number of shops and cannabis prices in the Canadian and US states that have allowed use of adult cannabis, “said the study’s author. David Hammond, Ph.D., professor and head of research at the University of Waterloo University School of Public Health.

Interestingly, the restriction of COVID-19 may be due to some changes between the 2019 and 2020 survey responses. More than 10% of respondents in both the US and Canada said the outbreak prevented them from being able to purchase legally by 2020 However, legal cannabis service delivery was an option in many US states and provinces of Canada during the disaster, which may explain some reduction in respondents reporting slow delivery times and discomfort.

The purpose of legalizing non-medical cannabis is to ban illicit drugs marketso the reasons why this goal has not been fulfilled at all are important, and researchers have studied the possibility of removing the joint.

“The legalization of cannabis has been one of the most promising uses for many years,” Hammond said. “Returning consumers from the legal system to legal brokers is the primary goal of legalization. criminal justice system– relies on converting consumers to legal cannabis sources. Given the importance of this issue, there is little surprise in the evidence on the factors that determine where consumers find their products in the legal market. “

Hammond and his colleagues write that further research should focus on how the legal barrier is seen to change as these markets develop.

“As markets grow, the number of individual stores is increasing, and dissatisfaction is expected to be less than stagnant,” the researchers concluded. “Managers will need adjustment public health and major criminal cases to establish a competitive market for legal cannabis that encourages legal purchases. ”

Changes in the Canadian cannabis trade two years after it was legalized

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Goodman, S., Wadsworth, E., & Hammond, D., Reasons to buy cannabis from legal sources in legal markets: Research among cannabis users in Canada and US states, 2019-2020, Journal of Alcohol and Drug Studies (2022). DOI: 10.15288 / jsad.2022.83.392

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Price and convenience can drive consumers to purchase cannabis from illegal, rather than legal, sources Source link Price and convenience can drive consumers to purchase cannabis from illegal, rather than legal, sources

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