Pressure grows on P&O after ship held for being ‘unfit to sail’

P&O Ferries CEO was under increasing pressure on Friday after a ship was stopped “because it was unfit to sail” and Downing Street supported the Transport Secretary’s call for him to resign following his admission that the company had broken the law to fire hundreds of crew members.

The Maritime and Coast Guard Agency said late Friday that the European Causeway ferry was stopped in Laren, Northern Ireland, “due to failures in crew recognition, vessel documentation and crew training”.

“The ship will remain in custody until all these issues are resolved by P&O Ferries. Only then will it be re-examined.”

Transport Secretary Grant Schaps said all P&O shuttles must be inspected before returning to service after firing nearly 800 crew members.

Schaps said the European Causeway was stopped “for being unfit to sail”.

“I will not compromise on the safety of these vessels and P&O will not be able to accelerate an inexperienced crew to undergo training,” he added.

Shapes had earlier said that under-fire chief Peter Haltlewit “should go” after telling a committee of MPs on Thursday that P&O Choose to pay employees Instead of opening in consultation with unions before he fired the team last week.

Downing Street has agreed that Bluewhite should retire, said spokesman No. 10.

Shapes told BBC Radio 4 on Friday that “everyone who heard his testimony in Parliament yesterday was stunned, stunned. It was cheeky, it was breathtaking, it was arrogant.”

“He talked about them breaking the law intentionally and consciously, and I think he really can not continue to lead a company that went out of its way to intentionally use, and create, a loophole to lay off their employees terminally. Employ people below the minimum wage. He has to go.”

P&O has replaced all of its UK seafarers with an agency staff that will receive an average wage of £ 5.50 per hour, well below the UK minimum wage, but not illegal as its ships operate on international waters.

Hebblethwaite wrote to the P&O team on Friday saying that the company did not commit a criminal offense but “failed[ed] To meet the obligation to consult. ”

“Such dismissals could not have happened again. It was a unique situation,” he added. The Blathwaite told MPs on Thursday that he would repeat his actions if he had time again.

Shaps said the government would bring an eight-step package to parliament next week in response to P & O’s actions that would “force them to make a U-turn.”

He also said the government would enact legislation to force ferry companies to pay the minimum wage when they regularly sail to ports in the UK.

“There’s no reason for you to pay the minimum wage at the beach and once you’re in the water.

Ministers would also write to ports and say they should bring “terms of use”, pushing for international agreements on wages on ferry routes.

The House of Representatives’ Select Committee on Transportation published the minutes of a meeting that took place in November between zero and bosses from the parent company P&O DP World.

They reveal that Shaps has been warned that Irish Ferries’ low-cost competition “poses challenges” to P&O.

Shapes replied, “I know you will have to make commercial decisions but please update us.”

Ministry of Transport officials said they had no warning about the decision to lay off hundreds of staff, nor about the manner of the layoffs.

P & O’s new team structure will save the company 50% of its team costs, which Hebblethwaite says is the only way to “save the company”.

But his testimony put pressure on P&O and DP World, while its cross-channel ferries remain in port, as the new crews are trained more than a week after the disturbance begins.

Singing We mentioned That they have limited means to pursue P&O through the courts in the matter of dismissals, and that there is uncertainty as to whether certain penalties apply to the maritime sector.

“I’m afraid bleach is just the symptom. The reason is the basic legal model,” he said. Alan BugProfessor of Labor Law at the University of Bristol.

“There is a long-standing public recognition of enforcement weaknesses in the UK, and a long-standing unwillingness to address them,” he said.

P&O declined to comment.

Pressure grows on P&O after ship held for being ‘unfit to sail’ Source link Pressure grows on P&O after ship held for being ‘unfit to sail’

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