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Jonathan Remia and Sieg Miller

Washington (AP) —President Donald Trump said he would not attend President Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, and he said he would strive to ensure a “smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power.” I defeated the message the day before. His successor.

Mr. Trump will be the first incumbent president to skip the oath of his successor since Andrew Johnson, giving no clue as to how he spends his last time in the office. Traditionally, President-elect and President-elect ride together on the US Capitol for ceremonies as a symbol of the country’s peaceful transition.

Trump’s comment comes two days after a violent mob of his supporters occupied the Capitol for several hours, when lawmakers were counting electoral colleges to prove Biden’s victory. Biden will become president at noon on January 20, regardless of Trump’s plans.

“I won’t go to the inauguration on January 20th for everyone who asks,” Trump tweeted. The move was widely anticipated as Trump falsely claimed victory in the election and promulgated an unfounded claim to fraudulent voting. His own administration said the elections were fair.

Vice President Mike Pence was expected to attend the inauguration. “Vice President Pence and the Second Lady have not yet made a decision on their attendance,” said Pence spokesman Devin Marie.

Biden’s transition team did not immediately comment on Trump’s announcement. But Jen Psaki, the next White House spokesman for the presidential election, said last month whether Trump attended the inauguration wasn’t the most important thing for Biden.

With 12 days left on Thursday, Trump finally realizes that after Congress confirms his defeat, there is increasing talk of admitting him to leave peacefully and trying to get him out early. I succumbed.

Trump led a video from the White House on Thursday, condemning the violence in his name at the Capitol the day before. Then, for the first time on the camera, he admitted that his presidency was about to end — he refused to mention Biden by name or explicitly stated that he had lost.

“The new administration will be launched on January 20,” Trump said in a video. “My focus is now on ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. This moment requires healing and reconciliation.”

But by the next morning, Trump had returned to his normal department. Instead of condolences to a police officer who died injured during the riot, Mr. Trump praised the “great American patriot” who voted for him on Twitter.

“They are not neglected or mistreated in any form, form or form !!!” he tweeted.

The Thursday night speech, which appeared to be designed to stop the story of forced early evictions, came at the end of a day when the cornered president remained invisible at the White House. Silenced on some of his favorite internet lines, he saw the resignation of several top aides, including two cabinet secretaries.

And when authorities sifted the aftermath of the siege of the U.S. Capitol by Trump-supporting mobs, they would impeach him again or invoke the 25th Amendment to expel him from the Oval Office. The debate grew.

The invasion of the Capitol building, a powerful symbol of national democracy, has rattled Republicans and Democrats alike. They seem too dangerous to manage their social media accounts, but struggled with the best way to contain the urge of the president, who remains the commander-in-chief of the world’s largest military.

“I’m not worried about the next election, I’m worried about going through the next 14 days,” said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, one of Trump’s most solid allies. Said. He condemned the president’s role in the riots on Wednesday, saying “if anything else happens, all options will be at the table.”

Democratic Congressman Nancy Pelosi has declared that “the US president has instigated an armed rebellion against the United States.” She called him “a very dangerous person and should not continue his duties.” This is an emergency and the most serious emergency. “

Neither option to remove Trump is likely, and during his term drafted cabinet members needed to invoke the amendment or to organize the mandatory hearings and trials for impeachment. There was almost no time left to do.

A desperate president on his last day, including speculation that Trump could incite more violence, make hasty promises, and issue unexpected amnesty, including himself and his family. The fear of what can be done is the capital of the country and the international incident that has spread beyond it.

Thursday’s presidential video, released when he returned to Twitter after the account was restored, was a complete reversal of what he said to the violent mob just 24 hours ago. You are very special. Refusing to blame the violence sparked a storm of criticism, and in a new video he finally blamed the demonstrators for “lawlessness and mayhem.”

The video also aims to delay the mass spill of staff and avoid potential legal issues after Mr. Trump’s resignation, the aide said. White House adviser Pat Chiporon has repeatedly warned the president that he may be held responsible for inciting Wednesday’s violence.

“It’s my lifetime honor to be president,” Mr. Trump told the public about his resignation, implying that he would return to public. “Our incredible journey has just begun,” he told supporters.

Trump remained silent until Thursday evening and was trapped in an executive mansion, but around him Loyalists headed for the exit. Their departure, which comes two weeks later anyway, has moved up to protest the response to the president’s riots.

Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao has resigned as the first minister. Chao, who married Senate leader Mitch McConnell, one of the members trapped in the Capitol on Wednesday, said in a message to staff that the attack “put me in a way I simply can’t set aside.” I was deeply troubled. “

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos followed. In his resignation on Thursday, DeVos accused Trump of fueling tensions in a violent attack on the country’s democratic seat. “Don’t misunderstand the impact of your rhetoric on the situation, and that’s an inflection point for me,” she wrote.

Others who resigned in the wake of the riot: Matthew Pottinger, Deputy National Security Adviser. Ryan Tully, Senior Director of European and Russian Affairs at the National Security Council. Stephanie Grisham, Chief of Staff of the First Lady of Melania Trump, a former White House spokesman.

Mick Mulvaney, who turned from a former Chief of Staff of Trump to a Special Envoy for Northern Ireland, told CNBC that he “called to inform Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that I would resign.” …can not. I can’t stay. “

“People who chose to stay, and I talked to some of them, but they are worried that the president might make someone worse, so they choose to stay,” Mulvaney said. Said.

Mulvaney’s predecessor, former US Marine Corps general John Kerry, told CNN that “I think the Cabinet should meet and discuss the 25th Amendment.” Allows Trump to be evacuated by his own cabinet.

Staff-level discussions on this issue took place across multiple departments and even in parts of the White House, according to the two who outlined the talks. However, members of the Cabinet have not publicly expressed support for this move.

In the West Wing, shell-shocked aides packed up and acted on a delayed directive to begin offboarding their posts prior to the arrival of the Biden team.

The president asked his aide to investigate possible valedictory trips to the southern border next week as a means of emphasizing his immigration policy.


Remia reported from New York. The Associated Press writer Jill Corbin contributed to the report from Washington.

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