Prescribing the abortion pill without restrictions is safe and effective, study finds

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Abortion remains safe even after Canada lifted restrictions on medical abortion Pyrmifepristone in November 2017.

This is one of the key discoveries from the UBC-led research published today. New England Journal of Medicine..

The study used comprehensive government health data to investigate 315,000 abortions in Ontario from 2012 to 2020. abortionRelated health complications after the restriction on mifepristone, which is considered the “gold standard” drug for abortion worldwide, has been lifted.

“Complications have already been found to be very rare and abortion remains safe and effective when mifepristone is prescribed without restriction,” said the lead author of the study and the UBC family. Dr. Laura Schlesin, a postdoc in the medical department, said. “This is the strongest evidence that an abortion drug can be safely delivered like most other prescriptions: doctors and Nurse practitioner It can be prescribed, can be dispensed by any pharmacist, and the patient can take the tablet anytime, anywhere, if selected. “

Canada was the first country in the world to remove all supplemental restrictions on the dispensing and administration of mifepristone.

Earlier rules that came into force when the drug was first approved in July 2015 included a requirement for doctors to observe patients taking the drug. In addition, the drug could only be dispensed to the patient by a specially trained physician registered with the manufacturer, not by the pharmacist.

Many of Canada’s removals are still mandated by countries around the world, including the United States.

“Our research is a signal to other countries and no restrictions are needed to ensure it. Patient safetyProfessor Wendy Norman, lead author of the study and professor of family medicine at UBC, said: The Canadian experience provides a roadmap for other countries on how to securely improve access to family planning services. “

The findings revealed that the uptake of medical abortion (which was done using drug therapy rather than surgery) was rapid after the policy change. Prior to the availability of mifepristone, 2.2% of abortions were provided using medication. That percentage rose to 31.4% two years after the drug became available as a regular prescription.

At the same time, the overall abortion rate continued to decline even after the restrictions were lifted, dropping from 11.9 to 11.3 per 1,000 female residents aged 15-49 years.

“We are the patient and their Health provider Started to choose rapidly Medical abortionDr. Sheiladan, a scientist and family doctor and co-author of the study at the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, said: More accessible abortions do not increase the number of people seeking abortions. It was found that abortion rates continued to decline even after mifepristone became available as a regular prescription. “

By linking and analyzing government health data on the secure data platform of ICES, a non-profit research institute in Ontario, researchers say they provide the best available data on the safety of abortion. It has produced a complete picture of the health outcomes of abortion.

“By linking health records from all practitioner visits, hospital visits, and outpatient prescriptions, we were able to complete a robust state-wide safety profile,” co-authored midwifery. Dr. Elizabeth Darling, Vice Dean and Associate Professor at McMaster University, said. , And ICES scientists. “It provides the most comprehensive overview of abortion safety to date and captures all situations where complications may occur. No abortion drug restrictions are required for safety. It shows that very clearly. ”

Relaxing restrictions on abortion drugs has significantly improved access to care in Canada

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New England Journal of Medicine (2021).

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Prescribing the abortion pill without restrictions is safe and effective, study finds Source link Prescribing the abortion pill without restrictions is safe and effective, study finds

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