Preliminary NTSB report details final moments before plane crashed into Santee neighborhood

Santee, CA-The pilot who crashed the twin-engine Cessna into the Santee area did not respond to multiple queries to increase altitude because the aircraft was off the route of its destination. The Transport Safety Commission shows.

Aircraft pilot Dr. Dugatadas and ground UPS driver Steve Kluger were killed when the plane crashed near Jeremy and Greencastle at around 12:15 pm on October 11. At that time, there was no one else on the plane. Neighbors Maria and Phil Morris were seriously injured after the house burned in the aftermath of the crash. Helped the safety of other nearby residents..

The report shows that all major structural components of the aircraft were placed by federal agents on debris paths measured near 475 feet long and 400 feet wide.

Monday’s preliminary report confirms details of the last moment of the aircraft, including shedding some new light on the information learned. From the audio released after the crash The air traffic controller said half a dozen times that he needed to raise the altitude to Das.

Das, a cardiologist working at the Yuma Regional Medical Center in southwestern Arizona, has moved from Yuma, Arizona to Montgomery Gibbs Executive Airport in Kearney Mesa.

On the day of the crash, air traffic controllers broadcast weather information shortly after noon, reporting poor visibility at 10 miles, ceilings of 1,700 feet and cloudy skies of 2,800 feet. At around 12:10 pm, Das was instructed to descend to 2,800 feet and allowed him to approach Runway 23 with the intention of landing.

The report shows that Das and air traffic controllers were talking back and forth minutes before the crash. From 12:11 pm, the controller said the aircraft was drifting “of course correct” and asked if he was fixing it.

“The pilot responded and said,’Fix, 22G,'” the report reads. “Approximately nine seconds later, the pilot said VFR 23, but the controller told the pilot that he was not tracking the localizer and canceled the approach clearance.”

About a minute later, Das was reportedly told by the controller to climb and maintain an altitude of 3,800 feet. He also acknowledged the instruction to rotate the aircraft 90 degrees to the right and climb “immediately” to maintain 4,000 feet.

Approximately two minutes before the crash, the controller again asked about the altitude Das responded to, which was 2,500 feet.

“The controller then issued a low altitude warning and advised the pilot to speed up the climb to 5,000 feet,” the report said.

This was the last reported communication between the pilot and the controller because subsequent queries by the controller were not responded.Shortly thereafter, a home surveillance video shows the plane Nod from the sky before disappearing Following the visible house in the frame, shortly thereafter, a cloud of smoke was seen exploding upwards into the sky.

As a result, Jim Slav, who lives in a chaotic scene, explained:What you see in the war zone.. ”

As a result of the crash, at least two homes were completely destroyed. One-story house owned by newlyweds Cody and Courtney Campbell.They both worked at the time of the crash and later sifted the wreckage of their property To find Cody’s wedding ring And the letter he wrote to Courtney on his wedding day.

Slav’s parents, Maria and Phil, Remained in the hospital as of last week Both require surgery to treat serious burns.With Saturday update In a couple’s GoFundMe campaign, Slaff writes that Maria “is doing well and improving every day.” Phil recently “successfully” processed his second surgery, but he remains on a ventilator.

“He’s likely to have additional surgery next week,” Slav wrote on the campaign page.

The remains of the family dog ​​Roxy were found in rubble and a cancer survivor belt on a charred sheet metal owned by Maria.

A fundraising event scheduled for Tuesday by Santi Wendy’s restaurant will raise funds to benefit Phil, Maria Morris, Cody and Courtney Campbell. 9655 Mission Gorge Road event runs from 6:30 pm to 10 pm

At the age of 64, Das was remembered by Yuma’s colleagues as “an extraordinary doctor, colleague, and friend.” He joined the hospital staff in 2005 and was recognized as one of the staff supporting “state-of-the-art” heart attack interventions.

“Dr. Das was a good cardiologist and a devoted family member,” said Dr. Bharatmag, YRMC’s Chief Medical Officer, in a statement. “He is a highly trained physician and has succeeded with every opportunity to improve the care of patients with heart disease.”

The 61-year-old Kluger worked for UPS for over 30 years. Neighbors remembered how friendly and friendly he was while he was working on the regular delivery route. Those who knew him best described him as adventurous, charismatic, and devoted to his work.

At a post-crash rally, Kluger’s brother Jeff Kluger said, “The overwhelming reaction from you that made this much easier to handle.”

“That is, Steve wouldn’t want anyone upset or saddened by his death,” Jeff said. “He and I talked about it several times.”

The entire NTSB preliminary report can be found below.

Preliminary NTSB report details final moments before plane crashed into Santee neighborhood Source link Preliminary NTSB report details final moments before plane crashed into Santee neighborhood

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