Prayer vigil asks for protection for law enforcement, comfort for grieving families | News

A prayer rally in downtown Bakersfield on Tuesday night brought together more than 100 representatives of Kern County Sheriff, following the tragedy that killed five in Wasco on Sunday. He sought the protection of the law enforcement officer God and the comfort of his family.

Local political and religious leaders gathered at Liberty Bell Square along Trackstan Avenue to support law enforcement agencies, allegedly praising Deputy Secretary Philip Campus’s sacrifice and shooting. He asked God to take care of the surviving family of the man. Killed two of his sons and their mother.

Organizer Angelo Frazier, a local minister and volunteer minister at the Bakersfield Police Department, said he was urged to convene a rally after receiving a three-word text from a local law enforcement officer. .. It said, “I’m having a hard time, my companion.”

When the news of the shooting on Sunday spread, Frazier told the crowd on Tuesday, he said the only thing he could do was pray.

“It didn’t matter if you were a Democrat or a Republican,” he said, thanking local leaders, law enforcement agencies, and first responders.

Frazier invited someone with a microphone to pray for a couple of minutes. The first to line up was Senator Shannon Grove of R-Bakersfield.

Globe asked attendees to remember their two daughters, allegedly Sunday shooters. She thanked God for attending the rally on Tuesday, sought the protection of law enforcement agencies, and thanked the safety of the community.

“God, we were all impressed with this,” she said, her eyes closed in prayer.

When Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh took Mike with him, she said God was the repairman of the broken heart. She asked “the god of all comfort” to “comfort the Campus family.”

One prayer, in Punjabi, was fully delivered by President Grinder Simbasla of the Seekriders of America. Before bowing, he said Kahn needed to do more to support law enforcement.

Former Kern County Sheriff Karl Sparks attended and said after receiving Mike that law enforcement alone could not win the battle for crime. “The community can win,” he said. But in a personal comment before that, he said the possibility of sudden death was “part of the job.”

“This is what can happen to you when you wear a uniform,” he said.

“There are a lot of police officers talking to my wife and children tonight, saying this could happen,” Sparks said. He also took at least 10 years to join the sheriff’s SWAT team, but it took some time to praise Campus, saying that the corrupt police had achieved it in five years.

“This guy was squared,” he said.

Jeremy Storar, director of the Kern Law Enforcement Association, called this alert “a reflection of the splendor of Kern County” in gratitude to law enforcement agencies.

The rally touches law enforcement families who are currently experiencing “their darkest days,” he said.

“These moments are small, but at the same time huge,” he said before thanking the community for gathering as they did during the alert. “That is wonderful.”

Prayer vigil asks for protection for law enforcement, comfort for grieving families | News Source link Prayer vigil asks for protection for law enforcement, comfort for grieving families | News

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