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But this does not mean that we are not working to curb global food insecurity, ignoring the fact that malnutrition is killing millions.

Leptin deficiency caused by malnutrition does not protect a person from coronavirus infection, but it can counteract the harm caused by the excessive inflammation caused by COVID-19 disease.Image Credit: AP Illustration / Peter Hamlin

Back to the beginning of COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Pandemic, continental cases were still modest. However, predictions and predictions have suggested that the disease will wipe out Africa as a whole.

In April 2020, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Alarm bell:

300,000 to 3.3 million Africans can die as a direct result. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Depending on the interventions taken to stop the spread.

World Health Organization Africa Regional Office forecast Up to 190,000 people can die in the first year of the pandemic COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) It was not controlled in Africa.

Twelve months later, these dire predictions are barely realized.By the end of April 2021 total COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) The number of cases in Africa was 4,431,639, with approximately 117,934 reportedly dead. South Africa alone accounts for about one-third of cases, but almost 50% of deaths. Certainly the deaths of 117,943 people are tragic. But that number isn’t as high as some people expected.

many Possible theory Floating because of this relatively modest outbreak.One theory points to Africa’s atypical Young population – Young people have a lower risk of serious illness COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) And hospitalized.Another theory is that the African population may have Genetically linked Resistance to Coronavirus .. Some believe that pediatric vaccines such as medicines and antimalarials are widely used. Bacillus Calmette-Guerlain Childhood vaccines may play a role, others point out that the continent’s population density is low.

Our recent paper Explore possible associations with SARS-CoV-2 infection. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Illness and nutrition.Severe malnutrition is the most prevalent Causes of immunodeficiency In developing countries.

We focused on malnutrition that leads to leptin deficiency levels, such as those found in protein energy malnutrition. Lack of dietary protein despite adequate calorie intake.. Protein-Energy Malnutrition is a global problem, and while the situation is declining in Asia, African countries report: Continuous increase..Leptin hormone It is made up of fat cells in the body and plays multiple roles in the immune system.

Leptin deficiency caused by malnutrition certainly does not protect people from infection Coronavirus Cause COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) ..However, based on other studies in molecular medicine and immunology, we suggest that it may counteract the harm caused by the excessive inflammation that occurs in. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) disease. Of course, this is not a reason to slow down efforts to combat all forms of malnutrition.

Leptin enhances the body’s response to inflammatory cytokines (proteins that regulate inflammation). Overweight COVID-19-positive patients tend to have high leptin levels. Also, high leptin levels are associated with severe COVID-19.Therefore, the effect of leptin on the immune system and its immune system Correlation with COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Progress Severity can also be a valuable biomarker for predicting patient outcomes.

Nutrition, leptin, immune system

malnutrition It contains Malnutrition (exhaustion, stunting, underweight), inadequate vitamins or minerals, overweight, obesity.We know that malnutrition It is associated with changes in the immune system – especially in the case of protein-energy malnutrition.

The immune system of people with balanced nutrition responds to infection by releasing cytokines. These are signaling molecules that direct the immune system to attack invading microbes.Most commonly, attacks take the form: inflammation.. When the invading microorganisms are eliminated from the body, the inflammation disappears and the body returns to normal. This careful balance of activation and deactivation of the inflammatory response is crucial to the normal functioning of the body.

In many serious situations, as we have learned in the last year COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) If the immune system causes a spike in cytokines Cytokine storm.. This causes a long-term hyperinflammatory reaction that is more harmful than good when attacking the body’s organs.

With people Low leptin level, The immune system produces more anti-inflammatory cytokines and less inflammatory cytokines, such as those with protein-energy malnutrition.

This shift in the immune response in favor of the anti-inflammatory profile would theoretically counteract the disastrous consequences of the severe and often seen hyperinflammatory response. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) When the patient’s organs may be damaged.

However, this anti-inflammatory response can also mask the symptoms of infected malnourished people. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) ..May look like a mild to moderate cold or flu, not a cold or flu COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) .. this is, COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Infections can be underestimated and contribute to the transmission of the disease because people are unaware that they are infected.

Future outlook

International blockade Emphasis on food insecurity.. This includes the consumption of the right amount of the right nutrients.

The theory here is that leptin level deficiencies caused by malnutrition may help prevent severe cases. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) And COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Related death.This could be another reason why it’s lower than expected COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Death in Africa.

But even if this is true, we must not ignore that fact Malnutrition kills millions And efforts to alleviate food insecurity globally should not be curtailed.Malnutrition may change the way the body fights infections and protect people from serious COVID19

Bertram C Fielding, Professor and Director: R & D and Research and Development at Western Cape University Dewald Schoeman, PhD Candidate, Molecular Biology and Virology, Western Cape University

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Poor nutrition changes the way body fights an infection, might protect people against severe COVID-19-Health News , Firstpost Source link Poor nutrition changes the way body fights an infection, might protect people against severe COVID-19-Health News , Firstpost

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