Police identify man shot and killed in southeast Fresno

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) –Update: Fresno police identified a man who died after being shot dead in southeastern Fresno on Tuesday morning as a 43-year-old Hermini Orio.

This is a breaking news update. Our original story is as follows.

The city of Fresno recorded its 34th murder this year on Tuesday.

It’s the third murder in the city in less than a week.

This happened in an industrial area near Van Ness and California Avenue.

Around 5:30 am on Tuesday, the Fresno Police Communications Center received a call from a passing driver to identify a man bleeding near a building in an industrial area in southeastern Fresno.

Surveillance videos from a nearby business showed police officers and ambulances rushing to the scene minutes later.

“A police officer responded to the scene and found a man who was bleeding and suffered multiple gunshot wounds,” said the sergeant. Fresno Police Diana Truva Vega.

According to Fresno police, the victim was taken to the hospital by emergency, but was soon confirmed dead.

Victims are only listed as Hispanic men in their late 30s.

Shortly before noon on Tuesday morning, evidence markers were buried on the road on Vannes Avenue near where the victims were found.

“The detective believes that the place where the victim was was the scene of the shooting,” said the sergeant. Vega.

This is the second murder in the area in the last six months.

In December, 28-year-old Juan Vasquez Jimenez was found shot dead in the middle of a road just one block from Anna Street and Woodward Avenue.

Investigators are working on surveillance videos and tracking witnesses who may know the story leading up to the shooting.

Business owners in the area usually say that the place they work is very quiet.

They were surprised to hear about the murder on Tuesday morning.

Fresno police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to call Climb Stopper (498-7867).

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Police identify man shot and killed in southeast Fresno Source link Police identify man shot and killed in southeast Fresno

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