Planning Commission supports 387-unit, affordable housing proposal | News

On April 21, the Elk Grove Planning Commission unanimously supported a proposal for a new 387-acre affordable apartment project on 16 acres at 10149 Bruceville Road, just south of Poppy Ridge Road.

Planning Commissioner Sergio Robles described the proposal as a “big project”.

“(Three hundred and eighty-seven apartments (possibly) are going to come in, especially at a time when housing is in dire need, especially for this city,” he said. especially accessibility is quite difficult to find “.

Details of the proposed project – known as Poppy Grove Apartments – will then be submitted to Elk Grove City Council for approval or denial.

The commission also supported a proposal to subdivide the property into separate plots, three plots for the apartment project and 2.7 hectares which would be devoted to a right of way.

This property is identified in the housing element of the city as one of the sites that meet the allocation of units of regional housing needs of the city for low and very low residential housing developments.

It is proposed for this plot 14 residential buildings, which would consist of 74 units of one room, 151 of two and 162 of three. There would be two-, three-, and four-story buildings, and the six four-story buildings would include elevators.

The owner of the property is The Nha Pham and Suong Nguyen Revocable Living Trust of Granite Bay, and the applicant for the project is Poppy Grove Development Partners of Oakland.

The proposed architecture for the buildings is a contemporary artisan design that includes building materials such as brick sheet metal, concrete partitions, stucco and vinyl windows. The proposed colors for the buildings are white, gray, blue-gray, brown and brown.

Amenities would include indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, swimming pool, spa, baby lots, petanque courts, picnic areas and other meeting spaces.

There would also be a separate 7-foot multi-purpose road / sidewalk and two Class II bike lanes: one on Bruceville Road and one on Poppy Ridge Road. These proposals are supported by the city’s Roads Commission.

There would also be 545 parking spaces for cars and 132 parking spaces for bicycles.

Improvements in the area would include a four-lane widening of Bruceville Road, with a right-of-way for the street to later be increased to six lanes.

The four-lane expansion would come with the development of the project, while there is no current timetable for the six-lane expansion, said Sarah Kirchgessner, senior city planner.

If built, the apartments would be accessible through four vehicle entrances: two on Bruceville Road, one on Poppy Ridge Road and one on Chester Dawson Way.

Kirchgessner mentioned that the applicant had requested a pocket to turn right to the south at the southern end of the property.

“Due to the designation as a four-lane artery with a future six-lane artery, the traffic engineer has determined that, for safety reasons, we do not want an unprotected left turn at the project site,” he said. “And the (city) staff didn’t support that left lane pocket.”

Kirchgessner added that an interim authorization of a left turn lane is not recommended until there is a plan for a six-lane expansion.

“It’s hard to turn a pocket on the left and then take it off when there’s the widening,” he said. “So we had problems in the past where we provided a temporary situation and then people waited for it. So for that case, we don’t normally want to allow temporary left turns like that, where we would have to remove it in the future.”

Also included as part of this proposal is the removal of 36 trees, due to their location in the center of the site or their location associated with the possible widening of Bruceville Road.

Reese Jarrett, project representative, expressed her enthusiasm for this proposed development.

“My partner, Michael Johnson, and I are very proud and excited about the opportunity to bring this 387-unit affordable housing development to the Elk Grove community,” he said.

Planning Commission supports 387-unit, affordable housing proposal | News Source link Planning Commission supports 387-unit, affordable housing proposal | News

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