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The Elk Grove Planning Commission unanimously approved on May 5 a project to build 17 mixed-use buildings on the west side of Railroad Street, about 1,000 feet south of Elk Grove Boulevard.

The final vote was 3-0, with commissioners Sergio Robles and Juan Fernández absent from the meeting.

The address of that project is 9676 Railroad St., and its now vacant 1.6-acre site consists of two plots that lie between two historic 32-foot-tall warehouse structures.

These commercial buildings were part of Elk Grove’s agricultural and wine operations in the early 20th century.

One of those structures has been rehabilitated and houses the tavern and restaurant of the Dust Bowl Brewing Company that opened last year. The other building, located south of the project, is currently vacant and in the process of being rehabilitated.

The city staff report for the Planning Commission hearing of this project recognizes the project applicant as EcoGreen, LLC, based in Sacramento.

Known as Elk Grove Railroad Courtyards, the project will include two residential units per building for a total of 34 one- to two-bedroom units.

This project will include a variety of flat-roofed roof elevations ranging from 14 feet to 35 feet in height. The 35-foot roof height meets the maximum height allowed within the Old Town Special Planning Zone for non-Elk Grove Boulevard properties.

Eight 25-foot-tall, two-story living buildings will be located near Railroad Street, and the courtyards and common open space will be built in the center of the two-plot lot.

The structures at the back of the site, closer to the railroad tracks, will be 35 feet high.

This project will also include a 14-meter-tall office building with an entrance courtyard.

According to the project plan, all new buildings in the project will be separated and designed so as not to alter the historical integrity of the warehouse structures of the early twentieth century. However, the new buildings will be built in styles similar to historic buildings.

The materials of the new buildings will feature brick and stucco, with a variety of colors designed to blend well with the historic structures. The roofs of the new buildings will be made of galvanized metal.

Other local amenities include picnic tables, a barbecue area, a shaded structure and internal and external walkways for a pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians.

Common courtyards and open spaces will be centered around an existing oak grove.

On-site improvements are also planned in the project, including landscaping, parking, lighting and the removal of a locally important tree. The commission also approved during its May 5 meeting a permit for the removal of that tree on the site – an oak tree.

The site also includes another oak that will not be removed and will be incorporated into the project.

The parking lot at this location will be located on the west side of the property, near the railroad tracks, and will create a sound damping between those tracks and the future buildings of this project. The parking spaces will be shared car parks that will be used for car parks associated with the new buildings and the two historic buildings.

The historic railroad signs will be placed in front of the site, along Railroad Street.

Kyra Killingsworth, Elk Grove’s senior city planner, told the committee that during their review of this project, city staff determined that this project meets the noise standards of the city’s General Plan.

“The applicant anticipates that each building will have certain architectural features that would reduce any noise,” he said. “And again, they would have to comply with the General Plan and the municipal code.”

Killingsworth also mentioned that a noise wall would be built near the tracks if it was later determined that further noise reduction was needed.

Project lighting is also required to comply with municipal lighting standards. City staff have determined that the lighting provided for this enclosure meets the required standards.

Michael Malinowski, director of the Sacramento-based project architecture studio Applied Architecture, praised the Elk Grove Railroad Courtyards project.

“I’m quite proud to say that I’ve done approximately 1,800 projects in those 42 years (in the company) and this is one that I’m especially excited about,” he said.

Malinowski added that this project offers the opportunity to return “action and vitality to Elk Grove.”

“This particular site is an important contribution to those huge investments (cities) and all the efforts,” he said.

Commission President George Murphey noted that the residential part of the project is “minimal for a multifamily (project) and not a hindrance”.

Commissioner Suman Singha expressed his support for this project.

“I think this is going to be a great project based on everything I’ve heard about it,” he said.

Planning Commission approves mixed-use project for Old Town EG | News Source link Planning Commission approves mixed-use project for Old Town EG | News

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