Physical disabilities linked with ethnicity and social class among older adults in rural China

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A new study published in World Journal of Aging and Human Development It is estimated that in China, 14.3 percent of the population has a physical disability that is thought to contribute to daily life – but the Chinese ethnic minority in rural China accounts for more than 44%. % of one or more disabilities compared to the Chinese Han, which is the most prevalent nationwide.

“Ethnic health diversity is still an unresolved issue in China, which is surprising given that China is a multi-ethnic country with 56 ethnic groups,” said lead author Shen (Lamson). Lin, graduate. candidate and researcher from the University of Toronto Factor-Innwentash Faculty of Social Work.

Chinese is 92% of the Chinese population. The other 55 ethnic groups are officially classified as Chinese ethnic minorities.

The study looked at data from 16,589 45-year-old respondents from the 2018 China Family Planning Commission (CFPS) survey, a national survey conducted by Peking University. The Standard Life Skills (IADL) scale was used to assess seniors’ ability to perform important self-care tasks and independent living skills, such as planning and eating, housekeeping, laundry, design transportation, walking 300 meters without assistance.

In rural areas, 7.6% of those identified as ethnic minorities reported 3 percent or more physical disability, compared to 4.7% of Chinese Han. There is no such system in the city.

Lin’s study also found that some ethnic groups in rural China are more susceptible to disability. The Mongolian, Tibetan, and Yi ethnic minorities account for more than three times the physical disability of three or more Han Chinese. There were no significant differences in disability for Miao, Buyi, and Manchu minorities compared to Han Chinese.

“Mongolia, Tibet, and Yi tribe They mostly live in high mountain areas of China, such as Yunnan-Guizhou Mountain, and have adapted their lifestyle according to the unique mountain conditions, which include deforestation. atmospheric pressuremountainous conditions, and exposure to sunlight, ”says Lin. environmental resourcescan improve the human aging process. “

Lin’s study also found that social stigma – including that of ethnic minorities with low incomes and low levels of education – increased the likelihood of physical disability among rural respondents. In rural China, ethnic minorities The population from the poorest social systems have more than 5 times the physical disability of three or more according to their Chinese Chinese counterparts who have a moderate level of social economy, after managing some changes in the social conditions of society.

“My findings are crucial to China’s 2030 health agenda and the implementation of UN policies. the goal of sustainable development in the distance rural areasLin said, “Some interesting anti-poverty programs have been developed in China to address social injustice that can improve the health and well-being of adults; “More social resources should be sent to the highlands of China to improve the living conditions of ethnic minorities – especially those suffering from economic hardship.”

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Shen (Lamson) Lin, Working Partnership Between Young and Old in China: Highly Ethnic, Social, and Urban / Rural, World Journal of Aging and Human Development (2022). DOI: 10.1177 / 00914150221092129

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Physical disabilities linked with ethnicity and social class among older adults in rural China Source link Physical disabilities linked with ethnicity and social class among older adults in rural China

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