Phallosan Forte (PLUS) 11-Month Experience: Training Plan, Results, Pros/Cons

So, you are now seriously thinking about choosing an extender to grow or straighten your penis. I was in the same situation as you. Such an important choice, so many devices, and each one with its own options, advantages, and unique functions. They all promise the best results, no side effects, no doctor visits, and everything claim to be painless and simple. Let’s find out the truth.

In the end, what should you choose for yourself? In this review, I will explain how I decided to buy a Phallosan Forte device, and later – I purchased a PLUS(rod extender) version in order to get the most out of this device, which German scientists develop.

I managed to achieve my goal: I was able to enlarge my penis by 3 inches in length and 1 inch in width with this penis extender.

Brief Phallosan Forte review

Myths and rumors: On the forums and Reddit, users say that Phallosan Forte is ineffective because it is too comfortable, and a number of accessories have to be changed with time.

I will prove to you that it is comfortable and super effectiveat the same time when used correctly. I’ll show you the path that I took from start to finish – from buying a Phallosan Forte device to using it in a training plan. As a journalist, I decided to try everything on myself. I wanted to enlarge my penis; I dreamed about it all my life.

Now I had the opportunity to prove to myself and my readers that penis enlargement with a penis stretching device is real.

Section 1

Why did I choose Phallosan Forte?

As a journalist, I have tried many different devices, including SizeGenetics, Jes Extender, Male Edge, and Penimaster PRO. I have tested these devices personally, but I have wanted to use one for a long time in order to achieve the result with it.

Phallosan Forte belongs to the class of vacuum extenders, but it has a special PLUS attachment that makes it a barbell and brings it closer to the classic version to create powerful traction with a force of up to 4800 gr.

In general, this is a unique development from German scientists. The product has passed European certification and clinical studies, real doctors recommend it, and there is no doubt about the device’s quality.

Publications, reviews on forums, real before and after photos – all of this inspired optimism in me.

What makes this device so unique? 10 Differences

1st difference

German quality and certified development, which has existed for many years on the market.

2nd difference

A unique technology that has no equal. An anatomically correct vacuum chamber(BELL) holds the penis glans in a special condom(SLEEVE) so that the vacuum does not act on the mucous membrane(PROTECTOR CAP) and therefore does not cause harm. A strap mount and a scale with an indication of the traction force(TENSION CLIP) at a given time – all of this is part of Phallosan Forte.

3rd difference

This is not a cheap one hundred dollars device; the actual price is between $379 and $499 because you are buying a device made from high-quality medical materials. The development itself allows the use of penis traction technology without harm and side effects.

4th difference

The device can be used while you’re sleeping. It is so anatomically correct and comfortable that you cannot damage your penis while you’re in bed.

5th difference

The PLUS version, which can be purchased from thePhallosan website along with the device, allows you to diversify your routine. If you alternate the fastening with a strap at the waist, you will experience a much faster result with a barbell.

6th difference

Lack of discomfort and side effects. During the seven months of using Phallosan Forte, I did not feel any pain or discomfort. There was no redness, no bruising, and no bursting capillaries from the load. I simply read the advice on the forums and followed the instructions.

7th difference

Wearing the device will not disrupt your daily routine. I used Phallosan Forte at home and on the street, in the car, and at work. It was conveniently hidden under my clothes, and no one guessed that I was wearing a device for stretching the penis.

8th difference

It should be noted that this device works for everyone, without exception. Results vary, and there is no single formula for success in using the device. But on the forums, you can read a lot of positive reviews and success stories.

9th difference

Phallosan Forte offers its own mobile App. I wrote down my parameters and goals quickly. I made notes, planned, clarified, and set reminders. The organization of the penis stretching process is very important. It’s so easy to forget when and how to use the device, and with the help of the application, everything is detailed by day.

10th difference

Lightness and compactness. The device itself is simply weightless. This is important since you’re putting it on the most delicate and sensitive part of your body. With other penis extenders, I wanted to take them off after an hour and never wear them again. But this is not the case with Phallosan Forte. For myself, I concluded that if there is an ideal device for stretching the penis, then it is Phallosan Forte.

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Section 2

Buying a device

I initially bought Phallosan Forte on the official website. When placing an order, I read on the forum that I could indicate in the comments that I wanted free four sleeve condoms worth $100, and they would be added to the parcel. I did just that, and I arranged the delivery from Germany to Poland.

On the first day, using the video instructions, I put on the penis extender and adjusted the traction, and fastened the belt. Everything turned out to be easier than I thought.

Later I ordered a new PLUS set-top box for $120, since at the time of my first order, it had not been released yet. I recommend immediately buying the Phallosan Forte + Phallosan Forte PLUS kit for $499(a combination offer).

I don’t recommend using the PLUS version for those who have a very wide penis, as you may be uncomfortable. In general, I want to say that this attachment is necessary for experienced users since it requires an understanding of the process of stretching the penis.

It is always better to start using the extender with a vacuum device with a belt fastener. This is a soft, dynamic mount that allows you to adjust a comfortable load and increase the tension.

Setting up and using the PLUS version of the Phallosan Forte extender is simple and straightforward.

Section 3

First use, the first routine

  1. I chose the right Bell(M)for my penis size.
  2. I put a condom sleeve with a device on the other end of the penis; I just pulled it down.
  3. I turned the valve to the “Pump” symbol and pressed the valve from above several times to create a vacuum.
  4. I passed the ring through the penis, wrapped the belt over my thighs, and secured it with a latch.
  5. I set the tension level precisely, focusing on the scale, and then put on underpants and pants. It was quite comfortable to walk, and the device did not restrain my movements at all.
  6. I finished using it after an hour, then I removed the device and massaged my penis. The sensations were not uncomfortable, but for the first time, it felt like enough.


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Section 4

Setting up the Phallosan Forte App

After I had used the extender for the first time, I downloaded the App and set up my workout plan:

  1. I wrote down the initial parameters of my penis as well as my age, height, and weight.
  2. In the attachment, I saw a forecast for my penis growth. In fact, my progress was much greater, but the proposal was motivating.
  3. I activated the training mode. From this moment, the time of use is being calculated. The application controls the whole process.
  4. The program itself includes all the statistics of classes, the number of training days, time, and average values ​​of types.
  5. I saw how progress was made. In the App, I could conveniently track my entire routine and make adjustments.

Section 5

Phallosan Forte in a real life

I was tormented by the question of where and how I would use the penis extender. I started planning my day and realized that I could improvise. On weekdays, I had 1.5 hours before going to work.

Then I had about an hour in the car. In the evenings, I could wear the device for about three hours before going to bed. I set the time in the App, and I was able to stick to the training plan overall. Push notifications streamlined my use of the device. It looked like a workout plan in the gym.

Use while sleeping

So, I tried sleeping with the extender and concluded that my sleep was still restless. I could only stand wearing it for three hours before taking it off. I managed to sleep with it two to three times a week.

My feelings, load, rest

You have to be guided by your feelings in determining the thrust settings. The basic principle is that you should feel the tension of the load but without pain or discomfort. At first, it was difficult to find such a balance, but later I got used to it and always knew when it was time to increase the load.

Initial use per session – about one to two hours; after a month – about two to three hours; after two to four months – three to four hours.

I took a break and removed the extender. Sometimes the break was half a day before putting it on again. I always took it off when I felt uncomfortable. Moreover, my penis got used to the load. I sometimes increased it even one or two times a week.

Phallosan Forte PLUS usage

I got it about two months after I started using the Phallosan Forte device. The design was simple, but new adjustments were required, including tension screws and rod lengths. It was a completely new experience, but my penis was already used to the pull and load in general, so I adjusted to it quickly.

I could use the construction for no more than an hour per session and two sessions per day. I alternated using the belt and the PLUS construction. The PLUS pull was much stronger, and the structure was stiffer.

My results month-by-month

1st Month

I followed the training program I made up, and it inspired me to keep going. I understood that I had control over everything that happened, and I was doing everything right. You have no idea how happy I felt.

I overcame my fears and doubts and began working on my sex life. I was already a winner!

The first week was difficult: I experienced new sensations that were not always pleasant, new emotions, and unusual pressure on my penis. I was thinking the whole time that I was wearing an extender, and it was hard to relax. But this all passed after a week when I was able to get used to it and tuned in. Physiologically and psychologically, I had already reconciled and had gotten used to Phallosan Forte.

I didn’t notice any changes during the first three weeks of daily use of the device. But by the end of the month, I noticed my erection began to occur faster and last longer.

Results after 2 to 3 months

I knew that penis traction technology had a beneficial effect on erection. Even though I measured the length and width of my penis every day, the numbers stubbornly stood in place.

But after two months of using the device, I began to notice improvements in the quality of my erection and my libido in general. I increased the load and was already waiting to receive the PLUS set-top box from Phallosan Forte.

Results after 4-6 months

I’d started using the Phallosan Forte PLUS. I alternated using the rod-based device with a belt if I went somewhere and with a barbell if I stayed home. And for the first time in 3 to 4 months, I clearly recorded my penis growth, which showed 2.5 cm(1 inch) in length and 1 cm in girth.

My traction dial went up steadily. I knew the barbell extender provided results faster, so I used the PLUS version more often and increased the tension.

Results after 7-8 months

These were the most progressive two months. My penis growth was already 3.5 cm in length, and now I was 1.5 cm more in width. I looked at the training history and clearly saw the increase in all indicators: cravings, penis growth, intensity, and duration of use of the device.

Results after 8-9 months

I knew that at some point, I would experience a physiological plateau. Many people discussed this on the forums. Well – I gained another 1 cm in length and 0.5 cm in width, and that’s 4.5 cm in length and 2 cm in width in total in nine months. I was no longer using the App as often; I was more focused on sensations.

And at some point, I noticed that the results stopped. +1 cm to the width of the penis – that was obvious. Growth ceased, and I began to think about how to fix it. I had other extenders.

Results after 9- 11 months

To be honest, I grew tired of the routine. It was monotonous. I began to forget to use the application and started to skip workouts. I was already pleased that my penis became larger in erect and relaxed states. I eventually purchased the HydroXtreme penis pump because I wanted to do more to enhance my erection.

And the hydro penis pump helped me improve the result. I alternated using it with an extender, and it turned out great! My penis began to grow again both in length and in width, and the cherished 5.5 cm(2 inches) in length and 2.5 in width was already clearly fixed with a ruler.

This was the moment I decided to stop.

Order this penis extender from the official site

I will note the PROS of the Phallosan Forte PLUS extender as a user:

  1. I like the way it feels, including the protector cap, sleeve condoms, spare foam ring through which the penis is threaded, and the comfortable strap for attaching the extender through the belt.
  2. As far as the PLUS design goes, I am delighted that I do not need to attach the penis head with a loop or strap, but this is done using a vacuum chamber(BELL). This is the fundamental difference between the vacuum adhesive extender and other classic models like SizeGenetics.
  3. Ability to increase tension to 4800 grby the PLUS attachment. When you are a beginner, you don’t think about such traction levels, but after six to seven months of use, you understand that it is important to get results. Phallosan Forte makes it possible to increase the load, which affects the growth of the penis tissue.
  4. Quick setup of the device for work. This applies primarily to the Phallosan Forte version. It’s really easy to start with. Further, it is not difficult to rearrange the structure to PLUS, just like choosing the rods’ length and the tension of the screws. Everything is adjusted precisely, and the quality of the device is really high.
  5. Ease of use of the vacuum and the reliability of holding the penis glans in the vacuum chamber are the hallmarks of the Phallosan Forte.
  6. Accuracy of maintaining the settings and protection against the penis slipping out of the structure. The penis is held securely, and the settings remain relevant throughout the entire time of use.
  7. The quality of materials allows Phallosan Forte to be used without breakdowns. It’s unlikely you’ll need to take advantage of the warranty for spare parts since all of them will be in perfect condition not only throughout the entire course of use but also for the long term.

Now the CONS:

  1. The PLUS construction is flimsy and squeaky, and the penis ring is narrow. The PLUS mechanism itself in the area of ​​the springs is made in such a way that a man with a wide penis may be uncomfortable. The skin of the penis can accidentally get into the mechanism, which is unpleasant.
  2. You will need consumables. When placing an order, be sure to ask for four additional free sleeve condoms. And this may not be enough for a long period of use. It should be understood that soft protective elements such as the protector cap and sleeves quickly deteriorate. Order these elements additionally so that you will not be upset if they break later. The incredible level of comfort justifies this delicacy of materials. Remember, this is a versatile device, and it stands out from any other extenders in its approach to comfort.
  3. The classic version of Phallosan Forte is not as efficient as the Phallosan Forte PLUS. It’s not even about the level of traction but about the very principle of stretching the penis. The rod design with tension screws is rigid and close to the classic.This device has brought both efficiency and comfort as close as possible to a single level to achieve results without pain or side effects and in a shorter time.
  4. The Phallosan Forte does not have a box or case for storing all of the inventory. In this regard, Penimaster PRO is more convenient, compact, and transportable. After all, it has one convenient case that you can take with you in the car or on the plane. I have Phallosan Forte accessories scattered across the boxes. The native case – which is small and flimsy – is definitely not suitable for transporting the Phallosan Forte device itself and its PLUS console.
  5. The price is a con, but it is justified, so judge for yourself. The complete Phallosan Forte PLUS kitcosts only $499. No pain, no surgery, and no side effects. This is a German development, and the product is certified and tested in the EU to enlarge or straighten your penis safely. In fact, it should cost much more.

Final review and conclusion

I was not 100% happy with the way my Phallosan Forte training program was structured. I often noticed that my settings were inaccurate, and my training was not systematic. It wasn’t easy to endure the stretching routine for almost a year. All of this was accompanied by an improvement in my sexual relationship, and this stimulated me.

Now I have not touched Phallosan Forte for three months, and my result has not gone anywhere.

Everything is in place; my new penis length and girthare still there. I tried to include all the details in this review and outline everything from start to finish

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