Pfizer says tweaked COVID-19 shots boost omicron protection

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Pfizer announced on Saturday that tweaking of the COVID-19 antibiotic for the best purpose for omicron variants is safe and effective – just days before regulators debate or offer Americans. new stimuli this fall.

Vaccines currently in use in the United States still provide strong protection against COVID-19 infection and death — especially when people are exposed to stimulus. But those vaccines are aimed at the origin of the coronavirus virus and their impact on any infection is greatly reduced when the highly contagious omicron virus appears.

Now with the omicron family spreading everywhere, the Food and Drug Administration is considering ordering a change in the recipe for the vaccine made by Pfizer and its rival Moderna in the hope that the modified developers will be able to and protection against any COVID-19 infection expected this fall and winter. .

Pfizer and its partner BioNTech have explored two different ways of updating their images – they are targeting only omicron, or a combination that adds omicron protection to the original. prevention. They also tested whether a standard dose – 30 micrograms – would be kept to double the firing intensity.

In a study of middle-aged people over 1,200 years manya manya who has already received three vaccines, Pfizer said both enhancements have resulted in a big jump in omicron vaccines.

In a statement issued by Pfizer President Albert Bourla, “Based on these data, we believe we have two strong candidates who are well suited to the water.”

Pfizer’s omicron-only enhancer results in the highest immune response to this variant.

But many experts say a joint shot may be the best option because they will retain the positive benefits of the original COVID-19 vaccine while adding new protection from the omicron. And Pfizer said a month after people had their shot shot, they found a 9 to 11 percent increase in omicron vaccines. This is 1.5 times more than the original dose of the vaccine.

And importantly, preliminary lab research shows tweaked shots and they produce antibodies that can fight different omicron families called BA.4 and BA.5, although these measures have not nearly grown.

Moderna announced recently similar results from joint shot experiments, which scientists call “bivalent” injections.

The study was not designed to track how improved enhancements prevented COVID-19 cases. It is also unclear how long any additional protection will last.

But FDA scientific advisers will have a public debate on the data on Tuesday, as they wrestle to see if they can recommend a change to the immunization schedule — ahead of similar decisions by other countries. .

Moderna says the new COVID shot improves omicron protection

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