Pete Davidson: I Want to Propose to Kim Kardashian, But Her Mom Won’t Let Me!

When the world first learned it Kim Kardashian was dating Pete DavidsonIt was generally assumed that the mother of four did not look for anything more serious than bouncing.

Six months later, we can now safely say that this was not the case.

Despite Kanye’s best attempts to separate them, Pete and Kim are still a great couple, and insiders say their relationship is progressing fast.

In fact, one source claims that Pete is asking Kim a question.

But before these two beloved birds can compete for the altar, they need a clear one very significant hurdle:

Kim may have four children of her own, but it looks like she is in control of her own mother, Kris Jenner, in many important ways.

Kris is, after all, still Kim’s leader, and apparently in assessing Kim’s current relationship, Kris is carefully considering what marriage could mean for her career.

“Pete wants a lawsuit, but he has to sign a contract. In Kris’s view, Kim needs a partner who can work with the family and fit their long-term goals,” source close to the situation tells Heat magazine.

“She wants Pete to commit to the brand in the near future and give her complete control over all decisions related to marriage and children,” the insider claims.

It may sound like Kris is a little too business-like about all of this, but apparently she’s looking forward to welcoming a new brother – as long as she’s good for the family brand, of course.

“He knows that Pete will be a great son-in-law when he is an advantage of the Kardashian franchise, so he is already making arrangements to get the proposal by early summer – possibly earlier,” the source adds.

“Kim is fully involved.”

Oh good! Kim is also involved!

It’s somewhat important given that she’s the one who’s going to marry a man and all.

We liked the Swords, but in all seriousness, it’s not hard to believe that Pete is planning to get married sometime in the near future.

Kim finished her divorce From Kany last month, and insiders say his desire to speed things up was at least partly due to his desire to take the next step with Pete.

According to the source, Kim sees “no reason to wait” and is looking forward to starting a family with Pete.

And what does his ex-thoughts think of all this?

Very, Kanye has been following Kim and disturbed Pete in this regard from the beginning, so we think it’s safe to say he’s not excited.

We can’t help but wonder if Yeezy had to jump through the same rims to get Kris ’approval before he married Kim.

Of course, Kanye is a billionaire today, and she already had an established brand of her own before she and Kim got hooked.

As an SNL star with a few movies, Pete may not be in as good shape, but something tells us that he and Kim aren’t in financial trouble.

Pete Davidson: I Want to Propose to Kim Kardashian, But Her Mom Won’t Let Me! Source link Pete Davidson: I Want to Propose to Kim Kardashian, But Her Mom Won’t Let Me!

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