Pet affection offers opportunity for in-person retail

People love their pets.

Studies show that nineteen percent of Americans had a new pet during the pandemic. Recent data indicate that cities can take advantage of some of these dogs and cats to help promote local businesses.

“If you’re looking for a pedestrian for a retail site like a shopping mall in a town or city or a central street, this is a great way to get a pet store,” said Jeremy King, CEO of Attest, a consumer research firm.

The company’s research shows that most people like to buy their pets.

  • Only 13% of pet owners bought pet food online
  • 15% bought sweets online
  • 18% bought equipment such as toys, belts and cages online

Other pet owners preferred shopping in supermarkets, pet stores, or other places.

Animal owners “will spend a lot of money, and not buy those products online,” King said. “They’re looking for an experienced person, and they’ll probably include their pets in that experience.”

King said most pet owners see it as a way of life, not a job.

“There’s a great love for the pet itself, as well as the full experience of owning a pet,” King said. “So it’s no surprise that when people buy new toys for their pet they go with their pet and turn it into an adventure.”

It’s a trend of lifestyle that extends beyond the retail store and into homes.

  • 57% of pet owners let their furry friend sleep in bed
  • 48% buy pet gifts during the holidays
  • 21% train their pets

“There are people who would be happy to eat their cat’s food,” King said. The meals these pet owners prepare for the animals are “full of delicious and nutritious things. Sometimes it’s better than the lunch or dinner they eat on their own.”

Research shows that one-third of pet owners try to bring their animals “where they can.”

This attitude has led to a number of changes in the tourism industry.

The number of pet-friendly hotels has risen in the last 20 years.

More than half of the hotels now allow you to bring a pet.

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Pet affection offers opportunity for in-person retail Source link Pet affection offers opportunity for in-person retail

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