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Perpetual Education’s “Design for” webThe Mentorship Program is accepting applications for sessions on June 7th and August 9th. The program will begin the next 6-month session on Monday, June 7, 2021.

Fast! If you join now, there is still space available.Apply at Eternal education


That’s all.

Wait .. what?

Oh, that’s right. You haven’t heard So, this is a press release.

Derek Wood and Ivy Reynolds (we are) have moved to South Pasadena. Okay. In short, Southpass now has a new school of design and programming called Perpetual Education. Is it cool or what?

What is permanent education?

Perpetual Education is a new design school. Our goal is to give a new generation of designers the big picture of crafts. The web is the most powerful communication platform in history, and visual design is the most powerful language. If you want to change the world, you need to know how it works.

Our flagship course – ” web– 6 months of online design and programming mentorship. You may have heard of all these “coding bootcamps”. We are not one of them.

DFTW is the only online program that teaches you: Overall Web design and development process from idea to completion.We teach people to design and build websites Professionally..

Who is this course for?

The curriculum is currently designed for adults and does not require any prior programming knowledge. You need to focus on 2-3 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 6 months. The working hours are up to you.

By the end of this course, you’ll have access to all the techniques, processes, programming languages, and tools of the latest digital design team.

  • Did you intend to study web development at Computer Science College? They didn’t really teach it there.
  • Did you intend to study web development at art school? They didn’t really teach it there.
  • Are you planning to learn how to design and build a website with coding? Boot campIt turns out that they didn’t really tell you to be there either..
  • You were going to college, but things look like “messed up”. Are you trying to help your child find a direction? This may be the right move. You can talk directly.

Book a meeting online and meet the real people who design and teach your course.

If you find research, content strategy, design thinking, typography, visual design, programming, user experience, user testing, goal-driven development, and teamwork fun, book a meeting at: Eternal education..

Throughout 6 months Mentorship You work closely with us to build a portfolio of jobs Prove Knowledge and skills in the selected area. Are you crazy about JavaScript and the front-end interface? Do you find yourself really fond of interactive vector graphics? Maybe you are the leader of the team?Our course is centered around helping you Find out..

Can’t you learn it all online for free?

You can learn everything online for free on your own. Did it. It took 10 years and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in opportunity costs.We do Absent I recommend it.

Cost and commitment

Our program offers an “income share agreement” that allows you to pay a majority of the tuition fee after the course is over. We will be happy to explain this when we meet in the future.

Where do you want to sign up?

Book today’s meeting Eternal education..

Permanent Education | Summer Program Applications Accepted | South Pasadena

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