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Selling plant-based alternatives such as dairy products and meat Rapid increase in the global market, And Perfeggt wants to do the same for eggs.

Berlin-based food technology companies are ready to debut chicken-free egg products in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in the first quarter of 2022. Today, the company announced that it has raised $ 2.8 million in its first round of funding to support its first launch and will expand further in Europe in late 2022.

Round supporters include EVIG Group, Stray Dog Capital, E2JDJ, Tet Ventures, Good Seed Ventures, Sustainable Food Ventures and Shio Capital.

Perfeggt CEO Tanja Bogumil is part of EVIG founder and CEO Gary Lin, German Rügenwalder Mühle’s longtime R & D director Bernd Becker, and Lovely Day Foods GmbH earlier this year. Co-founded the company. Vegetarian and vegan meat maker.

Co-founder of Perfeggt, from left: Bernd Becker, Gary Lin, Tanja Bogumil. Image credit: Patrycia Lukaszewicz

“We really believe that we deserve better food,” Bogumil told TechCrunch. “My mother’s family has an agricultural background in small-scale farming, so I’ve always been conscious of where the food we eat comes from. My uncle took me to a meat processing plant. I became a vegetarian at the age of 12 when I went and showed me that the sausages I ate weren’t made the right way. I couldn’t fully understand what was happening there. But it was neither right nor humane. “

Unlike dairy products that are already sustainable, she believes the eggs are still almost undeveloped.Indeed, there are companies that manufacture similar plant-based alternatives such as Simply Eggless and Simply Eggless. Just Eat raises $ 200 million It’s early summer, but all over the world Over 1.3 trillion eggs are produced annuallyThat means there is room for growth and the application is versatile, Bogumil said.

Perfeggt’s first plant-based egg product is a protein-rich liquid alternative made from broad beans. You can make it as a scrambled egg or omelet in a pot. The company initially plans to launch its products in the food service industry.

As with all foods, taste is important and with this product the co-founders worked to create a similar mouthfeel, sensation, flavor and texture. All the elements that Bogumil says are necessary to switch people to plant-based equivalents.

“This is what we spent time understanding,” she added. “Our products are built around broad beans and are well suited to mimic the functionality required for these applications.”

To do this, Perfeggt’s R & D site in Emsland, Germany, works closely with Wageningen University & Research, known for its life science research, as a plant-based protein source that most closely resembles the nutritional and functional properties of animal foods. And testing their combination.

The new funding will allow the company to build a team at its headquarters and R & D facilities. The company currently employs food scientists, marketing and R & D.

Bogumil, meanwhile, believes that more companies entering the egg replaces space will help Perfeggt’s mission to shift people to plant-based foods.

“This is not a universal market,” she said. “We have never seen alternative proteins so close to mainstream markets in history. Obviously, that is reflected in capital markets, not only in the development of niche markets, but also in the future of food. It has been.”

“I was very impressed with the team’s rapid technological advances in developing next-generation alternative proteins and discovering solutions that improve human, planetary and animal health,” said Stephanie Dorsey, founding partner of E2JDJ. It states in writing. “The egg market is a big opportunity and this is just the beginning.”

Perfeggt brings in first capital to shell out plant-based egg alternative – TechCrunch Source link Perfeggt brings in first capital to shell out plant-based egg alternative – TechCrunch

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