Pedal Irvine: Hundreds of cyclists take in the first big event

MORE THAN 300 Irvine residents dusted off their bikes and jumped into the saddle for the first-ever Pedal Irvine event.

Taking place on Sunday, May 8, Pedal Irvine opened a great opportunity for local families and people interested in cycling to enjoy the cycling routes that Irvine offers.

The event with free and inclusive mass participation was organized by the Trinity Active Travel Hub of the Council of North Ayrshire with the support of active schools and sponsored cycling Scotland.

Beginning Sunday morning with a massive deployment, participants drove through the Beach Park loop, riding Route 7 of the National Bicycle Network, before exploring the scenic views offered when they returned to the Maritime Museum by Marine Drive.

Caitrina McAuli, head of North Ayrshire’s Economic Development and Regeneration Service, commented: “The North Ayrshire Council is proud to have supported the first-ever Pedal Irvine event in partnership with Cycling Scotland.

“The turnout was fantastic and we really appreciate everyone who took the time to take part in this fun day for local families and people who are starting to ride a bike.

“It really was a brilliant day for all the participants as everyone got together for a motivated and fun day of cycling.”

“Irwin has some of the best cycling routes in Ayrshire, including National Cycling Network routes, our scenic trails in the beach park and scenic views around Irvine Harborside.

“We hope we have inspired the people involved to ride bikes more regularly, especially with the arrival of better summer weather, and to discover the many other Active Travel itineraries that North Ayrshire has to offer.

“Thank you to everyone who took part.”

Greg Brown, Senior Active Travel Officer, added: “This event could not have happened without the support of a large number of local organizations coming together.

“Therefore, on behalf of the Active Travel team, I would like to express my gratitude to Velo Club Vittesse, a volunteer organization of the Scottish Police, Irvine Cycles, the host of the event, the Scottish Maritime Museum and the sponsor of cycling in Scotland. «

For more information and participation in future events, visit thetrinity.org.uk.

Pedal Irvine: Hundreds of cyclists take in the first big event Source link Pedal Irvine: Hundreds of cyclists take in the first big event

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