PCs are pandemic-primed for bigger role

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Is the surge in sales over the past year a permanent revival of the PC’s pandemic?

Rex makes a mistake towards the latter conclusion. Two years is enough for teleworkers to upgrade the kit. It says, Means that the pandemic surge will stall. PCs last longer than smartphones, so you can’t increase sales by buying them back often.

However, analysts point out that the move to working from home means a bigger pie. Purchasing for telecommuting is not a substitute and its users represent an increase in demand.

Research firms reported PC shipments this week for the fourth quarter and the full year, and Canalys senior analyst Ishan Dutt said the “watershed year” of double-digit growth since 2020, despite a cloud of constant supply. I explained. Constraints.

The penetration rate and usage rate of PCs have increased significantly. “PCs are now in the hands of both young students and older families,” he said.

“Since the outbreak of the pandemic, a higher than normal percentage of PCs shipped have been added to the installation base rather than replacement devices, especially in areas such as education and remote work. We have set the stage for the continued success of the PC industry because we never go back from how it is integrated into our daily lives. “

IDC analyst Jutesh Abrani also agreed. “We continue to believe that the entire PC market has been reset to a much higher level than before the pandemic,” he said. Gartner research director Mikako Kitagawa feels that this is likely the end of the massive growth caused by the coronavirus, while demand has pushed up prices and created a healthier market. Stated. “As a result, annual PC shipments are not expected to drop to pre-pandemic levels for at least a couple of years,” he said.

Companies have different ways to measure the market. Gartner said Shipments fell 5% in the fourth quarter, but increased 10% annually to 340 million units. IDC said It increased by 1% and 15%, respectively, to 348 million units annually. Canalys agreed It is 1% and 15%, but it will be 341 million units in 2021. Everyone agrees with the top five PC makers in the order Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, Acer.

The PC market lacks form factor innovation as folding screen distortion appears to have reached its limit, but manufacturers are experts in segmenting the market to reach a wide range of users. Everyone has a price and a PC, from Chromebooks for kids and seniors to high-end PCs for gamers. In addition, the revolution in telecommuting and the status and ongoing relevance of PCs seem to be guaranteed.

Internet of Things (5)

1. Ukraine hit by “massive cyber attack”
Russia is a major suspect as a source Online attack It brought down about 70 Ukrainian government websites. The United States said evidence of Russia’s cyberattacks “certainly” is classified as an example of a new attack on Ukraine that could cause sanctions on Moscow.

2. Google bets on returning to office work
Google said it would do Spend $ 1 Billion on Buying an Office Building Near Tottenham Court Road in London, employees are making big bets on returning to work. The Silicon Valley giant believes the office is “a place for face-to-face collaboration and connection,” so it’s moving despite building a huge new headquarters in nearby King’s Cross.

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3. Bolt raises fare for London vehicles
Ride hailing app Bolt raises prices in London 10 percentDue to tighter regulations and a shortage of drivers, the cost will be higher and can be matched with rival Uber.

4. Potential Ant backer pulls out
Jack Ma’s Ant Group has retreated to government-led restructuring efforts after a state-owned asset management company. It was unexpectedly pulled out China Cinda Asset Management, managed by the Ministry of Finance for contracts to invest in FinTech’s lending sector, planned to invest RMB 6 billion ($ 946 million) in exchange for 20% of Ant’s loan business. He said he would withdraw as a result of “careful commercial consideration and negotiations with the target company.”

5. Where are the tech stocks?
Nasdaq has a volatile start in 2022. Richard Waters says, And there is plenty of room to take a bigger bite from the market’s most inflated reputation. But it’s too early to say that the January adjustment represents a deeper change in the fate of the tech industry. Rob Armstrong’s unhedged newsletter Examine the metaphor that a rate of increase means a decrease in growth stock.

Technical Tools — Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Gen 3

We talked about PC display distortion earlier, but here’s one example of CES last week in Las Vegas.With ThinkBook Plus Gen 3, Lenovo announced the industry’s first 17.3-inch laptop with a built-in secondary 8-inch display. The ultra-wide 21:10 aspect ratio primary display is paired with a second touch-enabled display with an integrated digital pen. Examples of use include mirroring the display of a super-large calculator on a second screen or a smartphone.

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PCs are pandemic-primed for bigger role Source link PCs are pandemic-primed for bigger role

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