Paul Salata, Irrelevant Week founder and philanthropist, dies at 94 – Press Telegram

Paul Salata, a Newport Beach businessman and philanthropist who founded Irrelevant Week 45 years ago, died on Saturday.

He was 94 years old. His 95th birthday would have been Sunday. Sarata has been in poor health for several years.

Sarata created an irrelevant week in 1976 to honor the last player selected in the NFL Draft. It is irrelevant. A week’s worth of activities, such as a welcome party, a trip to Disneyland, and a Loewsman banquet, were one of the events.

The final draft nominee will be awarded the Roseman Trophy, which looks like the famous Heisman Trophy, except that the Roseman Trophy soccer player is dropping football.

Sarata has contributed to many charities – unrelated weeks have always benefited local charities – and made a donation at the USC where he played football.

Sarata has been a master of ceremonies and an honorary guest at many events in Orange County for many years. His quick wit was always on display.

Example: Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker Ryan Succop was an irrelevant when he was the last player to be drafted in 2009. The surname of the scoop is pronounced “sack-up”. With that in mind, Salata’s introduction to Succop included “He comes from the entire Succops family.”

Sarata was a successful sewerage company. The late Orange County Register columnist John Hall often referred to Sarata as the “Sewer King.”

Prior to entering the business world, Salata was a good recipient at USC. He defeated Tennessee 25-0 in the 1945 Rose Bowl game and caught a Trojan horse touchdown pass (Salata claims he caught two touchdown passes in the game, but authorities Sarata said he made a mistake when he ruled Sarata, which was outside the scope of what would have been a touchdown reception).

His USC play day was interrupted by an 18-month mission in the Army Air Corps.

Sarata played for Baltimore Colts when Colts was attending the All-American Football Conference and returned to the team when Colts was integrated into the NFL. He also played for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL. In 1950, he held 50 receptions and played for the 49ers and Colts that season.

He also played in the Canadian Football League, where he was an All-Star receiver for the Calgary Stampeders. Sarata also played minor league baseball.

Sarata was an extra or bit player in several films, including as one of the original Pittsburgh Pirates baseball players in “Angels in the Outfield” and as a prisoner of war in “Stalag 17”. bottom. Frank Sinatra’s nose in a “hug”.

Paul Salata, Irrelevant Week founder and philanthropist, dies at 94 – Press Telegram Source link Paul Salata, Irrelevant Week founder and philanthropist, dies at 94 – Press Telegram

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