Paul Cairns murder: Court hears from deceased’s partner

A murder trial I heard today that a woman “frozen” when she saw her cousin shoot her fiancé in bed.

Victoria Woods, 46, claims that James Ferguson, 43, also known as Garland Green, killed his childhood friend Paul Cairns, 42, at his home in Ardrossan on May 24, 2020. bottom.

Miss Woods said in evidence recorded in Paisley’s High Court that “you were warned” before the masked Ferguson fired a deadly shot.

Ferguson has murdered Mr. Cairns and denied trying to defeat the end of justice.

Prosecutors said Kilwinning’s Ferguson was admitted with a mask and shot at Mr. Cairns’ body.

Miss Woods, who submitted evidence last October due to poor health, claimed to have been together for a year and a half before getting engaged.

She said Mr Cairns was with her because of her health problems.

Witnesses said the pair slept to watch TV around 12:30 pm as the kitchen was decorated by friend David Griffith.

Miss Woods said Ferguson came into the room a few hours later.

Prosecutor Alan Cameron asked what Ferguson did.

She replied: “He had a gun, I shouted to him and said,’I’m sick to get out of my room.’

“He said to Paul,’You were warned’ … Paul said no … and he shot him.”

Cameron asked what happened after Cairns was shot.

The witness said, “I panicked. Paul must have turned over. He was lying in front of me.

“I pulled Paul and saw him have it in his chest … he shot him in his chest.”

Cameron then asked what Miss Woods saw and heard during the incident.

She replied: “I heard the bang and smelled the smoke, I heard Paul go to’Arg’.

“When he came in, I just froze. I just froze.”

Miss Woods said Ferguson fired a shot near his grandson’s crib and wore blue overalls, a white face mask, and a black beanie hat.

Cameron asked how Miss Woods knew it was Ferguson.

She said: “I know him, he is my cousin, I know his eyes, his voice and his physique.”

Miss Woods said Ferguson had escaped from the scene and she told Griffith to dial 999.

She claimed to have taken care of Mr. Cairns by placing a towel on his chest before the benevolent crew arrived.

Miss Woods said he told police that Ferguson was responsible for the shooting.

Cameron asked how Ferguson and Cairns knew each other.

“They have been friends since the age of four,” she said.

The prosecutor finally asked if Miss Woods knew what Ferguson was pointing to before the shot was fired.

She replied: “No, I don’t know.”

Defender Tony Graham asked Woods if he had heard Cairns on the phone when he lived with him and answered “yes.”

Graham asked if he was aware of the problem between Ferguson and Cairns.

She replied: “No, they were fine in March.”

Graham followed up as follows: “From what you know, haven’t they been able to see each other since then?”

“I don’t think so,” said Miss Woods.

Graham asked, “Since you can only hear your eyes and voice, would you suggest once you mistake this person for James, not James?”

Witnesses replied, “I’m sure it was James.”

She then denied she was wrong because she was taking the drug at the time, and the incident continued “for a short time.”

In front of Judge Arthurson, the trial will continue tomorrow.

Paul Cairns murder: Court hears from deceased’s partner Source link Paul Cairns murder: Court hears from deceased’s partner

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