Patton, Sutton ink deals to become pro football players

Caeveon Patton has not been able to go shopping in recent days without being asked for a photo or autograph. Everyone who greets him is excited about his next move.

The Texas long-line defender was one of only two Bobcats to sign with a professional football team last weekend, joining full-back Eric Sutton.

“It still doesn’t even look real, you know?” said Patton. “It’s crazy because your dream came true and you work on it all your life.”

After weeks of training at the Athlete Performance Enhancement Center (APEC) in Fort Worth, Patton returned to San Marcos to attend Texas State Pro Day in front of a handful of NFL scouts at Bobcat Stadium on March 11. Although Patton did not say all the specific numbers he posted, he still felt good counting – he had lost a little weight, weighed 292 pounds, pushed 225 pounds for 22 reps and set a personal record with a 34-inch vertical.

Patton, who played for the Crimson and Gold from 2017-21, spoke to the scouts present that day, who told him he was performing well. But that was the last thing he heard from them for a while. After Profession Day, he returned to APEC to train for another two weeks and then returned to his home in Cuero.

For the following month, Patton spent time training other athletes in the area four days a week and himself five days a week.

“And I did not hear from any team the whole process until literally a week before the draft – it was the Texans (Houston), they reached out,” Patton said. “The players’ staff contacted my agent and asked for my information. And then the Poularades (Indianapolis) came to me and wanted my information “.

The Colts’s research seems to go one step further from Patton’s point of view, as they sent him a “Draft Day Survey” message that asked very specific questions – Where will you be during the draft? What is your primary telephone number? What is your spare phone number? Which airport are you flying out of? How many teams have contacted you? Which teams have shown the most interest?

Patton completed the investigation and sent it back to the Poularades. He watched the draft from home as it kicked off in Las Vegas on April 28th.

He was still waiting to see how things would turn out as the last day of the draft was released on April 30th. Patton attended a party hosted by his sister and brother-in-law. The Pularades selected Curtis Brooks of Cincinnati in the 38th round of the sixth round – a defensive player. Patton’s chances of being elected were greatly reduced. The draft ended without being named.

The two-time All-Sun belt honor was officially a free agent without a pension. Patton hung up the phone and started playing dominoes with his father, brother-in-law and family friend.

Two turns in the game, however, rang Patton’s phone. It was his agent who asked him if he wanted to become a Colt.

“I was like, ‘Hell yes!’ said Patton. “So I jumped, I was crumpled, everyone in my family was going crazy ξα I ended up missing the call from the Poularades, so I called them back, they were excited. They just said they liked it a lot, they liked the way I played on my Pro Day, they watched my tape, they liked my tape, they liked that I was consistent all these years. “So they wanted to bring me to the camp as a free agent and they wanted to give me a chance to build the team.”

“Caeveon has been preparing for this opportunity all his life and has behaved like a professional every day of his career with us at Texas State,” Bobcats head coach Jake Spavital said in a message. “I have no doubt that he will show up every day ready to work hard and prove to be a vital member of the Colts organization. “I’m excited to see him take the next step in his career.”

Sutton worked toward the same goal for a long time, too. He was born in Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada, and his father, Eric Sutton Sr., played for the Roughriders of the Canadian Football League in 1998. When he was still young, Eric and his mother, Emily Sutton, moved in with her. in Compton, California. Emily raised Eric on her own, working in ticket sales for the Los Angeles Clippers and Kings – Eric called her “Hustler”, someone who was always trying to improve their situation.

When Eric was a little older, Emily took them to the East Coast after they got a job with the Miami Dolphins. Eric found his passion for football while living in Miami Gardens, Florida.

“I really became a dog there,” Sutton said. “Growing up in this environment is an environment where, you know, you have all these millions of people indoors. Like, Florida is not a big, divided state like Texas. So you have all these different types of people, all in one area, basically. And because of this, as a footballer, the opportunities are going to be limited. You have to be a dog. “

Eric was grateful for his time in Florida. It gave him a strong foundation in the sport and allowed him to meet “great, great” coaches such as Pearson Sutton – unrelated to Eric and Emily – with whom he still trains to this day.

But when Eric was about 16, he remembers coming home from athletics training and finding everything his family had on the ground outside in front of their apartment.

“I will never forget it,” Eric said. “It simply came to our notice then. And that really lit a fire inside me. “

Emily moved the family to Dallas and Eric started playing at Cedar Hill. He had more than 40 tackles, six split passes and two mandatory tests in his senior season in 2015 and was rated a three-star recruiter by 247Sports. It was offered to him on the spot while he was in one of the SMU camps and he was engaged to the Mustangs on February 3, 2016.

He played in all but three games for SMU during his first three seasons, matching future NFL receivers Courtland Sutton, James Proche and Trey Quinn every day in practice. Eric suffered an injury in four games in the 2019 season that kept him on the sidelines for the rest of the year, allowing him to wear a red shirt. He then ruled out the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, giving it one more year of eligibility.

Eric was used almost exclusively as a corner during his time with the Mustang. He knew that if he wanted to become a professional 5-legged defender, he would have to show some flexibility in the film. He decided to enter the transfer market, looking for a team for which he could immediately have an impact and a team that would also line him up in different positions such as the nickel back.

On December 8, 2020, he transferred to the State of Texas.

“I had to make a business decision,” Eric said. “I feel that defense (Texas is the state of Texas) is a defense in which many teams go from just one plan and only from the perspective of the starting line-up, because it gives you the best advantage over the fastest guys and playmakers in the slot. . It gives you a big advantage when you can put an extra corner in this fifth DB point… It’s more or less a professional defense. ”

Eric played in 10 games for the Bobcats, scoring 22 top career tackles. After the season, he returned to DFW to play at the College Gridiron Showcase in early January. Eric said he did well at the show and spoke to some NFL and CFL scouts at the event, but knew he was under 172 pounds. He then returned to Florida to work with Coach Pearson, preparing to run a 40-yard run of 4.28 seconds – something Eric said he had done in the past.

But two weeks before he’s supposed to run at SMU’s Pro Day on March 24, Eric pulled his box. He tried to fight it in Pro Day but could not pass the full range of exercises. That same night, he flew from Dallas to Toronto for the CFL National Combine. He interviewed almost all the teams in the league, but participated in most of the exercises. Nevertheless, he managed to play one-on-one against big receivers – Eric wanted to prove he could play due to injury.

After the combination, Sutton returned to San Marcos to train with former Texas State and CFL full-back Will Heyward for the next four weeks. He put on 15 pounds and started looking smooth again after going through exercises and sent videos of himself to the teams he met in the cabin.

Eric returned to Dallas to visit his mom during the CFL Draft. He got a call from Toronto Argonauts coach Ryan Dinwiddie. He was chosen with the 53rd general choice.

“He was telling me, you know, they’re proud of me, they feel like they took the draft theft inside me,” Sutton said. “So all you can ask is to hear it from them and hear that they really believe in me.”

Both Patton and Sutton start for their respective rookie minicamps on Wednesday. Both players have the ultimate goal of finding a permanent goal in the NFL. They are both excited to start their journey.

“Everything has been so hard for me over the last two years, you know, I feel like I had to fight for everything,” Patton said. “So to get this phone call so early – I was expecting to go and fight and win it. I still have to go fight and win it, but I did not expect to get a phone call that Saturday immediately after the draft. I waited not to hear anything for a while and to wait for it, to wait for it. But for me, getting a call right after the draft meant a lot to me. And I’m the guy who, if you’m loyal to me, I’ll be loyal to you. That’s what the Poularades told me, so I give them everything I have. “

“The last two days have been really emotional for me. “I still do not feel real, you know, I look back on how far I have come,” Sutton said. “My trials and tribulations and after all that I had to go through, as much as my development as a man, are really overwhelming. But it is an amazing feeling to be able to put tears of joy on my mom’s face and not tears of anger or frustration or frustration. “It’s a blessing to be able to do that.”

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Patton, Sutton ink deals to become pro football players Source link Patton, Sutton ink deals to become pro football players

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