Patreon doesn’t have ‘special contract’ with Apple to avoid App Store tax

When you open Patreon’s iPhone app and subscribe to creators, Apple cuts it out of the way. After all, this is not a behind-the-scenes arrangement between the two companies. Apple’s App Store team has decided to give Patreon a pass.

“I wish I had a special deal with Apple. We don’t,” said Patreon CEO Jack Conte. Said decoderPodcast from, The Verge.. “We have to deal with the App Store policy and review process like everyone else.”

On iOS, Apple reduces in-app payments for digital products by up to 30%. This means that creators of platforms like Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook can expect to lose 30% of what fans are paying Apple. As more platforms add tools to get paid to creators, so-called Apple taxes are starting to look more intimidating, robbing individual creators as well as large corporations.

Patreon is one of the weirdest exceptions to this rule. The platform’s iOS app was able to accept payments outside of Apple’s in-app purchase system, allowing the company to avoid that 30% reduction. Conte suggests that this may be allowed as users do not come to Patreon to find creators or content. “Most of the actual engagement is happening on other platforms … so what’s happening on Patreon isn’t the main thing,” Conte said. The Verge I contacted Apple for comment.

Apple’s rules for creators are becoming more and more controversial. Facebook has Began to emphasize How much money Apple will pay, and the creator platform Fanhouse (basically SFW OnlyFans) Start the campaign Change the rule. Apple recently told Fanhouse that the app would need to implement an in-app payment system or remove it from the store.After filing a complaint publicly, Funhouse says The Verge Apple has contacted and proposed an extension until the end of 2021 to comply with the rule.

Funhouse says it’s passing now Apple’s formal process Look for exceptions to payments to creators and request changes to App Store rules. (Fanhouse previously submitted a submission through Apple’s review process, but said it was “ignored.”) The company is an example of a creator-focused app that doesn’t have to pay Apple taxes. I pointed out Patreon, but the founders of Fanhouse haven’t been told why they can’t duplicate the same model.

Patreon doesn’t have ‘special contract’ with Apple to avoid App Store tax Source link Patreon doesn’t have ‘special contract’ with Apple to avoid App Store tax

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