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The city council will receive a report on the city’s climate action plan on Monday.

The Climate Action Plan is a long-term plan to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and align them with state-wide goals established by Executive Order S-3-05, Act of Parliament 32, and Senate Bill 32. is.

The CAP includes five key strategies to achieve the city’s GHG reduction goals: sustainable mobility and land use, energy efficiency and conservation, water conservation, waste reduction and urban greening. Under these strategies are actions and actions that are constantly monitored and form part of the annual report.

In preparing the 2019 report, the Planning Department said it would work with the Pasadena Water Supply (PWP), the Public Works and Transportation departments to collect data on the various performance indicators and actions they take.

Each of these departments recorded the progress of short-term implementation actions and prioritized each action based on existing work programs and priorities.

The 2018 Annual Report identified the status of 13 performance indicators and rated them based on their likelihood of being achieved by 2020.

In a preliminary report, the Planning Bureau stated that the city has made significant progress towards its 2020 goals. Two performance indicators are achieved, and seven more are likely to be achieved, but four cannot be determined at this time.

“The city has reduced per capita water consumption by 35%, exceeding the requirements set by the SB X7-7 (State Water Conservation Act of 2009),” the report said. .. “In addition, the city has reduced its fossil fuel energy supply by about 65,000,000 kWh from 2013 levels, achieving the CAP Measure E-4 (power usage-related performance indicator) goal.”

The report also states that the city is on the road to achieving share targets for various modes of transportation, with nearly 5% of residents using public transport and about 8% using carpooling. I am.

“In addition, the city is expected to reach its goal of achieving 500 new trees by the target year, and by 2019, 493 new public trees have already been planted,” the report said. Says.

Most performance indicators can be achieved, but the report states that four indicators need to be closely monitored to determine compliance. These indicators are related to the goal of getting 400 bike-sharing bicycles and installing one bike-sharing station per square mile. In 2019, we achieved a 10% transit mode share, down 4.9%. Achieve a conversion rate of 75% for recyclable materials by 2020. Significantly reduce organic waste through city-managed programs.

For more information on the Pasadena Climate Action Plan, please visit: www.cityofpasadena.net/Plan / Plan-Split /Community planning / climate-Action plan..

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Pasadena’s Final Climate Plan Annual Report Released Today – Pasadena Now

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