Parents: It’s Summer Camp Sign Up Time!

As a working parent, I learned the hard way years ago that if you’re interested in getting your child involved in day camps during the summer months while you’re working – the time to sign up is NOW. Each year, Central California Parent Magazine hosts a camping exhibition. Parents can go out and talk to representatives from the various summer camps, all in one location. They can register and pay fees on the spot!

As I got wiser, I learned how important timely registration is. You need to sign up early to earn a place in your child’s camp of interest. I also learned to use my flexible work / childcare cafeteria plan to save money on camping fees throughout the year. I do this so as not to feel like it was a financial blow when it came time to sign up.

This year’s Camp Fair takes place on Wednesday 6 April from 3-7 pm at Manchester Mall. It is located on the northeast corner of Blackstone and Shields, just off Highway 41 in Central Fresno. Participation in the event is free and a wide variety of camps will be represented, including day camps, overnight camps, enrichment camps, academic, sports and special camps.

I have linked five of the most popular camps year after year (which also fill up quickly) so you can preview their information before watching camp if you are interested in doing so. You can find the invitation to camp at EventBrite here.

5 Popular Summer Camps to Consider (Before They Fill Up!)

River camping Outdoors, on the San Joaquin River, hosted by River Parkway & Trust (super fun, always on sale)

Equestrian Camp – This sells out fast! Contact them directly even before the camp report, if you have a child who loves horses.

Scientific camp at the Discovery Center – Typically very well organized, popular and affordable. This camp will probably update its site shortly after Spring Break Camp, but it is definitely worth talking to.

Zoo Camp A VERY popular favorite, and there are a variety of age-appropriate schedules and programs for your choice. Students from kindergarten to 6th grade can attend half-day camps, while 6th and beyond have the opportunity of all-day camping. More information will probably be available on the site after completing their Spring Break camp.

Beat gymnastics This camp is a lot of fun for kids and one of the most affordable options out there usually and offers both full and half day options. (They also offer camping every day that Fresno Unified Schools is closed, in case you are looking for an option for other times during the school year!)

Good luck parents, and the chances of registration are always in your favor!

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Parents: It’s Summer Camp Sign Up Time! Source link Parents: It’s Summer Camp Sign Up Time!

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