Pandemic impacted our gut health and gut bacteria

Over the past few years, probiotics and gut health have been all the rage in caring for the microbiome, the bacterium that lives in our bodies.

The pandemic has adversely affected the microbiome, which relies on the proper functioning of a wide variety of bacteria. Since we have never traveled, various bacteria have come into contact with people and things that have not invaded our bodies.

One doctor said the pandemic caused havoc on our gut health, to help her understand what affects our microbiota to get our gut back on track. I have a hint.

“In essence, everything affects the microbiota. From the food we eat to the amount of exercise and stress, many people have been exposed to a lot of stress last year. We are more isolated. People may have different types of food hypersensitivity, “said Dr. Colleen Katcliffe. “We stayed out and protected us from dangerous viruses like COVID, but we also reduced our exposure to other good bacteria around us.”

Dr. Cutcliff says that combining good and bad bacteria is the key to gut health. Therefore, a good diet, a safe return to public, enjoying the sun, and exercising can greatly help bring about healthy changes.

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Pandemic impacted our gut health and gut bacteria Source link Pandemic impacted our gut health and gut bacteria

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