Pandemic-era boat-sales boom has Southern Californians eager for summer on the water – Orange County Register

By Marianne Love | Correspondent

The currently relaxed pandemic, which will lift many state and local regulations on Tuesday, June 15, has devastated many businesses. Ironically, however, boat sales sailed to record levels during the crisis.

The sale of new powerboats set a 13-year record during the pandemic, and Americans are eager to bolt from their homes this summer and enjoy a long time on the water.

In Southern California, the push has brought boat dealer inventory levels to record lows, officials said this month.

Boat manufacturers, like many other retailers, were concerned about the economic impact of the killer virus on the industry in March 2020.

However, by the end of April 2020, boat sales had begun to increase significantly and boat makers had begun to breathe comfortably. After all, time on the water was the ultimate social away time for those who could afford it.

By March 2021, new ship sales increased by 30% compared to the 2020 average. Also, according to the New Powerboat Registration Report released by dealers, dealers are selling new ships as fast as they receive them at the start of the peak boat season. National Association of Marine Manufacturers.

According to the report, since the summer of 2020, total sales of new ships have been seasonally adjusted, with an average of 31,000 units per month, well above normal levels and demand for new ships is rising. It shows that.

“Forks has found their new love and joy for great outdoor and outdoor recreation, especially boating,” said John Michael Donahue, Vice President of the Association. “(Last year) we saw 13 years of sales in the industry, which is basically all segments, with a particular focus on entry-level products, with many new people entering the lifestyle. For the first time. And now we are in 2021 and as more people are vaccinated, we are starting to return to normal … we are still this for boats We’re seeing incredible demand. So pandemics were certainly the catalyst at that time, but they have more options for people to recreate and relax with family, friends and loved ones. Even now, they are still choosing boats. “

Entry-level boats such as personal watercraft, jet boats and fishing boats saw the largest surge in sales, with sales up 8%.

“This increase took place across the United States, with no particular region, state, or region being more noticeable than any other region,” Donahue added. Buy more products.

Tim Jones, owner of the Anaheim boathouse, said he has recorded record sales for over a year, primarily for trailer-friendly fishing and family-friendly runabout boats. On the other hand, supply is not keeping up with demand.

The manufacturer tells him that the 2022 model, which should arrive on July 1st next year, is already sold out. Jones was told to start pre-sale of the 2023 model.

Insufficient inventory of new ships is caused by a combination of factors such as raw material shortages, employee team reductions due to COVID-19 outbreaks, production outages, shipping container shortages, boat unloading and delivery capabilities. It is offered to suppliers and to end users at record shipping levels worldwide.

“It’s daunting how this was done,” said Jones, who has been in the boat business for 35 years. “I have never experienced what I have experienced in the last 14 months.”

Second-hand boat sales are off the charts and their inventory is in short supply as it is difficult to get a new model.

“Some people have boats and don’t want to sell them, while others want to use the market just as the housing market is high,” Jones said. “It’s time to sell, but they don’t consider the fact that they may not be able to replace that boat that I have already caused those scenarios.”

If you don’t have the cash to buy a boat, or if you’re feeling overwhelmed or out of reach as a result of your boat purchase, storage, and maintenance decisions, a member-only boat club is available. You can do it so don’t worry. It will be an executable option.

For example GetMyBoat An AirBnB style way for people to rent a boat. Like similar resort services, boaters connect destinations and cruise the current list of available vessels.

And Freedom Boat ClubA membership-based boat club based in Southern California, USA, Europe and Canada, considered the largest marine franchisor in the United States, close to Redondo Beach, San Pedro, Huntington Beach and soon Marina Dell. Ray.

Club members pay a one-time admission fee ranging from $ 4,000 to $ 8,500 to participate. Monthly membership fees range from $ 400 to $ 800. In return, members simply make a reservation, appear, have fun, and go home without taking their fingers off to gain full access to the boat’s fleet.

Andrew Hard, president of the Southern California franchise, said: “This was a boom for the entire marine industry. People are looking for ways to get out into the water and enjoy the simple things of nature and life. This was a great option for them.”

Center console boats are the most popular choice as they are the most versatile. Club members paired with a qualified captain, showed them ropes, and taught them how to drive and park their boats and sea safety rules.

“Everyone will take our captain’s training course, whether they are new to boats or admirals of the Navy,” Haad said.

Membership ranges from $ 4,000 to $ 8,500 for a one-time fee. Monthly membership fees run anywhere from $ 400 to $ 800.

Wisconsin Transplant Nathan Liszewski joined the Freedom Boat Club in 2019.

Pandemic-era boat-sales boom has Southern Californians eager for summer on the water – Orange County Register Source link Pandemic-era boat-sales boom has Southern Californians eager for summer on the water – Orange County Register

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