Pair indicted in hostage-taking death of 19-year-old

San Diego (CNS) – A recently unsealed indictment has charged two Mexican men for kidnapping and killing a 19-year-old San Diego man, the US Federal Attorney’s Office announced on Friday.

According to prosecutors, Tijuana’s Wyatt Valencia Pacheco (21) and Jonathan Emmanuel Monterano Mora (22) were unidentified victims of stealing £ 3 of methamphetamine from a drug trafficker associated with the defendant. He has been accused of kidnapping a person.

According to the US Attorney General, the theft resulted in his torture and murder.

Immediately after the theft on May 28, 2020, prosecutors alleged that Valencia Pacheco began threatening victims and ordered the return of drugs or the payment of $ 2,000.

Valencia-Pacheco has made several statements showing plans to kidnap and / or kill victims who were shot and forcibly taken away from a hotel in Tijuana shortly before midnight on May 29, 2020. It is said that it was told to. One of the victims, a man, whisked him in the process.

The next day, prosecutors say the hostage criminals began demanding money and drugs from the victim’s mother and stepfather. Through FaceTime, the victim’s family was able to learn that he “looked bloody and beaten,” according to the US Federal Attorney’s Office.

According to prosecutors, Valencia Pacheco has heard statements about where to kill victims who have not been seen or heard since that day.

Valencia-Pacheco was ordered to be held unsecured in federal court in San Diego on Friday, but Monterano-Mora remains a fugitive.

“Drug hell is full of extreme danger and tragedy, and this case is no exception,” said Randy Grossman, deputy US federal prosecutor.

“A misguided young man entwined with the wrong people and paid a terrible price, and now his family lives with the indescribable horror of their loss.”

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Pair indicted in hostage-taking death of 19-year-old Source link Pair indicted in hostage-taking death of 19-year-old

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