Pacific Palisades brush fire: Arson suspect arrested in 1,325-acre blaze as evacuation orders remain in effect

Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles (KABC)-People detained on Sunday in connection with a 1,325-acre fire in Pacific Palisades were arrested, officials said Monday.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced his arrest at a press conference on Monday.

Ralph Terrazas, director of the Los Angeles Fire Department, said the suspect was being treated for smoke inhalation. No additional information about the suspect, such as the suspect’s identity or age, was released immediately. Investigation is in progress.

The arrest took place after the Los Angeles Fire Department’s arson investigator and the Los Angeles Police Department detained and released another person over the weekend.

“The cause is suspicious. The LAFD Arson Countermeasures Division has been actively pursuing all hints and clues with LAPD. Special to the community that provided these tips and clues. I would like to thank you. We must work together as a community. This issue is very important in terms of a large brush fire.

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According to Garsetti, the containment of the Palisade fire was zero as of Monday morning. According to the mayor, the latest information on the area of ​​the fire (prompting an evacuation order for about 1,000 residents) was scheduled for Monday afternoon.

“… Zero containment, but not 100% out of control, but we hold the line … No injuries reported and threatened construction at this time,” Garsetti said. Nothing. Of course, the county has issued an evacuation order, but the city of Los Angeles has not issued an evacuation order. “

As of Monday morning, the structure is undamaged. According to Garsetti, the firefighter was slightly injured, but was expected to be okay.

According to the LAFD, a forced evacuation order was issued to about 1,000 residents in Zones 4 and 6 of the Topanga area around 7 pm on Saturday. This includes all inhabitants east of Topanga Canyon, north of Entrada, south of Oakwood, and east of Henry Ridge between the community and Viewridge.

A new evacuation warning was issued at 2:00 pm on Sunday for all homes in 1500 blocks north of Chastain Parkway to Carre del Cielo. The warning area includes all homes up to Carre des Sara, Carreber Vista, and the west hills of Carle del Cielo and Avenue Ashley. There are an estimated 130 homes in the evacuation warning area.

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Garsetti focused on the cool and humid weather, saying, “Weather is our friend, but it’s also our challenge. It’s our friend because it contains fire and heat. As soon as it goes up. It’s a big danger. “‘

He added that the vegetation in the area has not burned for decades and the terrain poses a challenge for firefighters.

“The problem and challenge is that when that inversion is here, it’s very difficult to make the kind of airdrop we want to get into this fire more aggressively,” Garsetti said. .. Northwest and far southwest of this fire, but like west-southwest towards Topanga Canyon (target), to make sure we can build and hold that line. “

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Approximately 540 firefighters responded to the area, and steep terrain made it difficult to attack from the ground, causing water-drop helicopters to work to contain the flames, Garsetti said.

“Once again, I don’t want anyone to feel that there is an imminent danger, but hopefully we’ll get it done before today’s cloud cover rises,” Garsetti said. Told. Roads, ridges, rivers-Boxing, where we are, keeps us from getting off every time we reach the edge of a river or the bottom of a canyon, and fights back. “

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the fire spread to about 15 acres, and the crew responded to remote areas away from Michael Lane and Parisa’s Court around 10 pm on Friday.

The fight lasted overnight, but by 4 pm on Saturday, firefighters quickly dealt with a serious relapse that went out of control, producing heavy smoke throughout Los Angeles County.

The Los Angeles Unified School District said the Topanga Elementary School Charter School campus will be closed on Monday due to air quality and safety concerns. The district says classes will be held via distance learning until further notice.

A large animal shelter was established at Pierce University on 6201 Winnet Kavenue. Small animals can be taken to the LA County Animal Shelter on 29525 Agoura Road.

Meanwhile, air quality officials have extended smoke recommendations until at least Monday due to the large amount of smoke swirling near homes in the area, leaving windows and doors closed for those who see smoke odors and ash. I advised you to stay indoors and avoid intense physical activity. ..

City News Service contributed to this report.

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Pacific Palisades brush fire: Arson suspect arrested in 1,325-acre blaze as evacuation orders remain in effect Source link Pacific Palisades brush fire: Arson suspect arrested in 1,325-acre blaze as evacuation orders remain in effect

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