Ozark Season 4 Finale’s Wild Ending Explained

Endings are not easy: see the petition Remake of the final season of Game of Thrones. But after five years Netflix‘s Ozark finally has one. The fourth season of Ozark, part two, hit the streaming service last Friday and contained the final episodes of the series ever.

Ozark began in 2017 with accountant Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) who made a deal for his life: after finding himself on the wrong side of a drug cartel gun, he says he would get money in the Ozarks in exchange for his family’s safety will wash .

By the time Season four startedBack in January, Marty and his wife Wendy (Laura Linney) were deeply involved in this cartel. They had started a casino to launder millions, had buckets of blood on their hands, and were working with both the cartel and the FBI on a deal that would finally allow them to leave town and start over.

This is how this story ends. spoilers ahead.

Ruth, Javi and Javi’s mother

Before we get to the Byrde family, the big news from the Ozark finale surrounds Ruth Langmore instead. She was shot dead by Camila Navarro, the new cartel boss.

Ruth, played by Julia Garner, is a consistent highlight of the show, and her tumultuous relationship with Marty was particularly compelling throughout the show’s first three seasons. Part 1 of Season 4 ended with Ruth dashing down a highway in search of Javier, Omar Navarro’s nephew. (Remember that much of the events of season four revolved around Omar’s fear of his hot-headed, ambitious nephew: sensing a bloody usurpation by Javi, Omar struck a deal with the FBI that ultimately backfired.) Javi had just Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore shot dead. Ruth wanted revenge for her cousin’s death.

And she got revenge. In the second episode of season four part two, Ruth captures and kills Javi. It went down in the Shaw Medical offices. Ruth hijacks a dinner between the Byrdes and Clare Shaw, CEO of Shaw Medical. (The Wendy cartel made a deal with Shaw in season four to provide cheap heroin, a key ingredient in many pharmaceutical products, and Shaw would make a large donation to Wendy’s foundation in return.) At gunpoint, she tells Shaw to Calling Javi into the office to sign a deal giving stock to Javi’s mother. As Javi swings up, Ruth shoots him down.

Luckily, Omar Navarro is credited with killing Javi. Navarro conspires with the Byrdes out of prison to regain control of his cartel. To do this, he sends Marty to Mexico to inform the cartel that Navarro was the one who killed the over-ambitious Javi. There Marty meets Camila, sister of Omar and mother of Javi.

Javi was introduced in the first part of the fourth season. He killed Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore but is finished off by Wyatt’s cousin Ruth.


Enter Camila Elizondro

Camila pretends to understand antitrust politics but orders a hit on Omar in prison. Omar survives the assassination and suspects that one of the ranks of the cartel is behind the conspiracy. More Betrayal: The Byrdes plan with Camila to overthrow Omar and organize another strike, and have Camila make the same FBI deal accepted by Omar that would result in the Byrdes getting their hands off the whole cartel thing wipe off.

This plan goes awry when Camila goes to prison to say her goodbyes to Omar for good. There, Omar notices something is wrong and tells Camila that he didn’t kill Javi at all and that he doesn’t know who did it – he only knows what Wendy Byrde told him. Camila believes him, but carries out the assassination anyway. After four seasons of pulling the strings, Omar Navarro is being taken out.

The final scenes of the final episode revolve around a Byrde Family Foundation gala where big donors come to make all of Byrde’s fantasies come true. Finally her did it. Until Camila enters the party. She confronts Clare Shaw about the day Javi died. Camila says she will forgive Shaw for hiding information if she reveals it now, but all sorts of unpublishable things would happen if she found out Shaw lied to her. Shaw caves in and tells Camila that Ruth Langmore did it. (However, Shaw lies and covers up for the Byrdes by saying only Shaw and Javi were in the office at the time of the murder.)

Camila Elizondro.


Camila summons one of her henchmen and tells him to kill the Byrdes and their children when Marty or Wendy try to give Ruth advance notice and Camila comes to get them. In the final scenes, we see Marty and Wendy gather over their options and realize they don’t have any. After four seasons of wriggling out of sticky situations, they are completely powerless. You can’t do anything.

As the Byrde family takes the stage at their gala, Ruth Langmore is confronted by Camila outside their home. Ruth says she’s not sorry for killing Javi. Camila shoots Ruth in the heart.

The car accident

Before we get to another big moment, a quick note on the car crash that opened the first part of season four. In the scene, if you don’t remember, the whole Byrde family is in the family car, talking about their big move to Chicago now that they’re done with the Ozarks. Amid the euphoria, Marty stops paying attention and goes off the road, causing the car to tip over and fall off the road.

It turns out it wasn’t a dream – or anything important. The crash happens in the middle of the final episode but unlikely no one will get hurt. It comes after one of the biggest subplots of part two of season four, that of Wendy’s father, Nathan Davis, trying to get custody of Jonah and Charlotte. He plays the role of the troubled grandfather, and Wendy has a breakdown that sends her straight to a psychiatric facility.


Season four, part one, began with a car accident. It was a red herring.

But thanks to an interrogation by Ruth Langmore, it turns out that Nathan is nothing more than a vengeful father who takes Jonah and Charlotte away just to annoy Wendy. When Nathan Davis, who is being held at gunpoint by Ruth, tells this to Jonah and Charlotte, the children decide to reunite with Marty and Wendy.

On their happy journey home in the car, the dramatic but insignificant accident happens.

Jonah’s big move

After the gala, the Byrde family arrive at their home. The kids run inside, and Marty and Wendy are both devastated by the fate that has befallen Ruth and her inability to do anything at all about it.

Marty sits at the family table with his head in his hands and the camera pans out to show us the glass door is broken. someone was inside

It turns out to be Mel Sattem, a disgraced ex-cop turned private investigator. He made his Ozark debut in season four part one, where he investigated the disappearance of Helen Pierce. He returns here and works for Nathan Davis to find Ben Davis. Ben was notably killed in Season 3 on his sister Wendy’s orders because Ben’s antics would have literally murdered the entire family. No one knows that except the Byrdes and Ruth, of course.

Sattem discovers that Wendy lied about the last time she saw Ben and has photographic evidence that Wendy took Ben to the diner that was supposed to be the site of his last known appearance. He becomes a key asset in Nathan Davis’ attempt to get a court to separate Jonah and Charlotte from their parents, so Marty and Wendy have him take it out. Not with violence, but with sweet diplomacy.

Since arriving on the show, Sattem has sought vindication. He was fired from the Chicago PD for stealing cocaine from evidence, but other than that, he appeared to be a legitimate and well-intentioned cop. Now he’s drug-free and wants to get back into the squad. Marty and Wendy, who have good connections with Midwest officials, arrange for him to be reinstated. But there’s a catch: if he wants to go back, Sattem has to leave immediately. He can’t testify against the Byrdes in court.

This goat biscuit jar tormented Mel Sattem until he realized what was inside.


He leaves. Sattem stayed at Ruth Langmore’s Lazy-O Motel and is checking out to return to Chicago. However, as he leaves, he notes that the large goat biscuit tin he saw in Langmore’s trailer was now in the Lazy-O. He doesn’t know, but that’s where Ruth kept Ben’s ashes.

When he comes back to Chicago, he just can’t do it. He keeps thinking about the Byrdes and that cookie jar. Then it clicks: Ben wanted to buy a farm and raise goats, and Ruth kept his ashes in a goat-themed cookie jar. The Byrdes try to ransom him, but Sattem refuses. That’s not how life works, he says. Actions have consequences.

Then we hear a gun rooster. It is Jonah Byrde who became estranged from the family for both parts one and two of season four. He cannot cope with his parents’ immoral acts and is particularly frustrated by his unrepentant mother. But there he is, pointing a gun squarely at an investigator trying to do good.

As the screen goes black, we hear a gunshot. But who or what did Jonah shoot? Did he shoot Sattem or did he shoot the cookie jar to destroy the only evidence there is against his family? Unfortunately there is no answer. It is ambiguous.

Ozark Season 4 Finale’s Wild Ending Explained Source link Ozark Season 4 Finale’s Wild Ending Explained

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