Over 7 million Europeans estimated to have skin cancer, despite ‘majority of cases’ being preventable

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The results of a new study by the European Center for Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) presented today at the EADV Summit show that 1.71% of Europeans report having skin cancer, meaning an estimated 7,304,000 Europeans are infected.

This is all hope cancer the presence of cancer is the most preventable disease, since it is most often caused by damage from sunlight.

The survey data It also shows that having a mole or looking at skin cancer is the main reason my patients consult a dermatologist in the last 12 months, with over five percent (22.3%) of appointments made by dermatologists to check mole or weak.

The results of EADV’s Burden of Skin Disease (BOSD) study of 44,689 adults from 27 countries show the need to “expand cancer awareness across Europe to help people make safer skin choices,” according to the organization’s top dermatologists. .

Of those surveyed, 0.6% reported finding melanoma, the worst type of cancer. However, keratinocyte carcinomas, which include basal cell as well squamous cell carcinomasthey are the most common of all cancers and the fastest growing with what is expected to increase by more than 40% by 2040.

Marie-Aleth Richard, a professor at La Timone University Hospital, Marseilles and a member of the EADV board that led the study, said the results “show the need for prevention of skin cancer, which has a clear vision. if it is caught early but it is good. people recognize it as a serious and life-threatening situation. “

Professor Richard said she believes the study “demonstrates the need to improve understanding, education and awareness about skin cancer and the implementation of evidence-based practices as part of the European Cancer Initiative.”

“Skin cancer is one of the 40 per cent of cancers that can be prevented and we can reduce the incidence of the disease if we provide quality education to the public,” she added.

“This should be consistent with adequate policies and procedures to reduce the incidence of cancer and prevent it from becoming a major challenge for health system. “

Skin cancer and quality of life

Nearly half of the people surveyed (46.6%) who reported at least skin cancer said they felt “moderate or severe anxiety and disability,” with anxiety and fear about scarring, death and metastasis being the main cause. life change. .

While nearly half of patients say there is a negative impact on their lives, nearly three in five say their professional life has been affected. The main result was a change in working hours or changing the jobs of professionals, but 22.6% said they did not get the expected job and 31.3% rejected the offer of professionals.

Dermatologists are viewed as experts in skin cancer

More than half of those surveyed were identified by dermatologists as skin cancer specialists, with 52.73% saying they would trust a dermatologist to take care of them more than a doctor or anyone else. health care expert, which Professor Richard said “demonstrates the important role that dermatologists play in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and the role they can play in the prevention and education of the disease.”

The type of doctor consulted about skin cancer varies from country to country, with the largest number of patients calling for a dermatologist in the first sample found in Italy (53%), France (47.4%) and Spain (44.8%).

The lowest number reported was the UK, where only 11.9% of patients first went to a dermatologist, followed by Poland at 13.5%. However, in almost half of the cases (45.7%), the final study was the most dominant by a dermatologist.

Professor Alexander Stratigos, President of the Federal Republic of Germany, said: stakeholders and decision-makers about skin diseases that include headaches, ”said Professor Alexander Stratigos, president. Price EADV.

“These include improving protection for children and young people to reduce the risk skin Cancer developing in later life, implementing UV protection measures for outsiders and solar regulations as medical devices, not consumer products, ”he said.

“We are also calling for better registration cancer times across Europe to help us identify vulnerable groups and to make public health programs a priority. EADV is committed to its mission of enhancing expertise in patient care and counseling on behalf of dermatologists and patients. ”

One important question can help to diagnose skin cancer

Learn more:
Richard MA et al. Types of Skin Diseases [BOSD] in Europe: Preliminary results on the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. Abstract no 353 presented at the EADV Summit 2022.… v_abstracts_book.pdf

Provided by the European Center for Dermatology and Venereology

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Over 7 million Europeans estimated to have skin cancer, despite ‘majority of cases’ being preventable Source link Over 7 million Europeans estimated to have skin cancer, despite ‘majority of cases’ being preventable

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