Over 2,400 US COVID deaths in 24 hours, a six-month high

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According to Johns Hopkins University, COVID-19 killed more than 2,400 people in the United States on Wednesday in 24 hours. This is the highest number of casualties per day in the six months since Thanksgiving holidays began.

At 8:30 pm (Thursday Greenwich Mean Time 0030), the country recorded a total of 262,080 COVID deaths, an increase of 2,439 in 24 hours. We also registered about 200,000 new cases.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, Americans usually traveled all over the country with family and friends in search of a feast on Thursday, one of the most important national holidays.

Recently, images on social media at crowded airports have fueled concerns that Americans are not taking the warning seriously.

But the day before Thursday’s celebration, Los Angeles officials and passengers pointed out an eerie tranquility compared to the previous year.

US presidential election Joe Biden cited the acceleration of plans to provide vaccines when he appealed to his “tired” compatriots to dig deeper.

“I have real hope, concrete hope, so wait. Don’t let yourself get tired,” Biden said in a Thanksgiving speech on television.

“You will regain your life. Life will return to normal. It will happen. This will not last forever.”

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Over 2,400 US COVID deaths in 24 hours, a six-month high Source link Over 2,400 US COVID deaths in 24 hours, a six-month high

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