Outdoor dining will return after agreement with city

Chula Vista, CA-Chula Vista Brewery owners will revive outdoor dining at the facility, following a recent agreement with the city.

Timothy Parker, owner of the Chula Vista Brewery, at his brewery on Third Avenue in Chula Vista, California, Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

Owner Timothy Parker said Wednesday that the city had given permission from the city to “temporarily break into the sidewalk” to replace Parklet’s seating arrangement, which was requested to be removed last month. The contract also allows you to submit a permit for a permanent sidewalk cafe during business hours.

Parker plans to create a new dining space along the sidewalk and the planting zone near the site. These design plans need to be approved by the city.

“I’m really happy with what we’ve agreed on,” says Parker. “What’s that, because you can put the parking lot right above the grass patio that isn’t used as a sidewalk, not on the street. Honestly, the parking lot they want to get back. In contrast, I have been able to work with the city for a long time. “

At a press conference Wednesday, Shane Harris, chairman of the People’s Justice Advocacy Group, detailed the complaint his organization had filed with Parker about the removal of Parklet.

“They were asked to get rid of everything by 5 pm on Monday, otherwise they would lose everything and everything would be robbed by the city,” Harris said. ..

According to the city, Mayor of Chula Vista, Mary Casillas Saras, met Parker on August 13 to address the issue.

Saras told FOX5 that the business is near Turn Lane on Third Avenue, so it is not allowed to install parklets at the brewery.

“He can’t make a parklet there because he doesn’t have the physical space for it,” Saras said.

However, eating outdoors seems to have some power in the community. Last month, the Chula Vista City Council agreed to extend outdoor dining permits until the end of next year.

The city plans to provide the Chula Vista Brewery with two parking lots behind his business so that he can move the barbecue to a safe and legal place.It also offers establishment $ 15,000 for new setupAccording to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“All other businesses on Third Avenue that eat outdoors are in compliance and have undergone a permitting process,” says Saras.

Parker plans to submit his new design blueprint to the city by the weekend.

Outdoor dining will return after agreement with city Source link Outdoor dining will return after agreement with city

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