Oscars 2022: Academy Awards to break barriers with series of historic firsts

LOS ANGELES – This year ‘s Oscar ceremony will break the barrier in more ways than one with a series of historic firsts.

If the past is a guide, “CODA” is now the big favorite to win the first Oscar and be named Best Picture on Sunday 27 March.

This is due to the fact that the adult film won the top award from the Producers Guild of America and just last year, “Nomadland” first won the PGA award, before being named the best film of the year at the Oscars.

It’s apt for a film about a deaf adult child to be among the top nominees, because the Oscars are meant to break the barriers this year.

To look at this year ‘s first, let’ s start with the three Oscar nominees.

Never before have three women presided over the show, so the trio of Regina Hall, Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer is ready to make history.

“I’m so excited about the Oscars,” Amy told Eyewitness News’s entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon at the premiere of her new Hulu series, Life & Beth, in New York. “I’ll just make no prohibitions, as you do, you know, but within the law.”

You may remember that Hall was so funny on the big screen in “Girl’s Trip” and was hired by the film’s producer, Will Packer, who is in charge of this year’s Oscars, along with his longtime partner Shayla Cowan, who explained to Kenyon via Zoom that, “being able to see women standing together on stage on March 27 and literally being able to do what people know about them is so satisfying.”

ABOUT Oscar producer Will Packer shares his goals for this year’s ceremony

Cowan and Packer break the barriers themselves behind the scenes.

“Will and I are the first African-American producers to produce this show in Oscar history,” Cowan said.
They also write history, a different group of candidates. Ariana DeBose is the first Latina actress to be recognized as LGBTQ + and her nod to Anita’s role in “West Side Story” comes half a century after Rita Moreno’s historic victory for the same role!

“The classics are meant to be retold,” DeBose said at the film’s premiere. “This is what makes them classics and you make them tangible by putting faces in front of an audience they can relate to.”

Oscar recognition for “CODA” makes Troy Kotsour the first deaf performer to be nominated for a Best Supporting Actor, and he spoke fondly of his long struggle to become a performer before winning the Screen Actors Guild Awards in this category.

Speaking through an interpreter, he spoke on “On The Red Carpet”.

“I felt this gut pulling me forward that I could not ignore, so I persevered and over the years I finally got to that point,” Kotsur said.

Kenyon sat down with Kotsur and his co-star Marlee Matlin at the Oscar-nominated luncheon in Los Angeles and said it felt like a date with fate because, after all, Matlin was the first deaf person to win an Oscar for “Children of a Lesser God. “
Back in Manhattan, the National Critics’ Council Awards also seemed like a historic occasion – especially given the recognition for “Encanto” as Best Animated Film.

Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Mirabel, admired the fact that, “When I graduated from college, I did not think I could imagine that people would have a Disney movie starring someone who looked like me from where I come from. and yet this exists now, and it is a real thing, and we will not go back. “

“Encanto” won Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Oscar nomination for Best Song, which gave him the opportunity to achieve what is sometimes called “the show business grand slam”. If he won then he would be one of the few to have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony (known as EGOT)!

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Oscars 2022: Academy Awards to break barriers with series of historic firsts Source link Oscars 2022: Academy Awards to break barriers with series of historic firsts

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