Orthopedic surgeons have another tool for knee replacement: Augmented reality

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For people suffering from severe arthritis in the joints, knee replacement is a viable option to improve their quality of life. Orthopedic surgeons now have a new tool to replace the knee: a true brace.

With upgrades truth technically, the surgeon looks at the data with a special smart glass or helmet-based visor while keeping an eye on the surgical site. Real-time headphones obscure useful vision and give them the impression that they are somewhere. In this way, the growth of truth differs from true reality.

“Imagine a helicopter pilot on a plane who has a visor on their eyes that shows electronic data on what they see on board. the real world“said Michael Taunton, MD, of Mayo Clinic orthopedic doctor specializes in hip and knee replacement. “It simply came to our notice then reality your kids spend time playing video games with their eyes closed. “

The creation of true technology enhances digital content, such as data and 3D images, on the user interface. Surgeons use this information to be precise and to take a realistic view when removing bones and cartilage, and placing the knee. As the head of the surgeon moves, the system moves the data into the surgeon’s visual field.

Dr. Taunton says the improved reality represents more progress than computer-assisted approaches. Surgeons collect data from the patient’s foot, insert it into a computer, and then use that information to help determine how to remove the right amount of bone, in the right corner, for proper alignment. Doctors remove their eyes from patients during surgery to look at computers or cameras.

“With more reality, I use navigation and I focus on the patient,” Dr. Taunton said. “I do not have to look back. Finally, we want to reduce the amount of unusable items so that we can be more effective and more consistent with knee replacement.”

Dr. Taunton underwent surgery to replace the first true knee at the Mayo Clinic in the fall of 2021. The technology is still not widely available, but research continues to determine whether improved reality can reduce the length of surgery. and hospital stay, and improving patient outcomes.

The improved approach will be appropriate for most patients experiencing primary knee replacement, Dr. Taunton said. But it may not be appropriate for patients with complex conditions or those who need revision surgery.

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Orthopedic surgeons have another tool for knee replacement: Augmented reality Source link Orthopedic surgeons have another tool for knee replacement: Augmented reality

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