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Orange County Registrar 16th Annual Top Workplace Program The call for candidates opens on Sunday, May 28, raising many questions about 2023 amidst a myriad of questions about the economy.

High inflation and interest rates can be soft, hard, or All kinds of recessions?

Will my boss cut spending or hiring? Or even company fun?

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There are different situations in the business world in Orange County.Disney recently announced an auspicious plan Expanding Anaheim Theme Parks. In the real estate market, Consolidation of securities companies is progressing As home sales evaporate. And in a hybrid work environment, The market for office space is in a volatile situation.

But there is cautious optimism among business owners and economists that this year’s recession will have only a mild impact on local businesses.

OC Auto Team President John Patterson at the showroom in Tustin, Wednesday, November 17, 2021 (Photo Credit: Mindy Schauer, Orange County Registrar/SCNG)

John Paterson“Some kind of landings are going to be a little bit more difficult than the current situation,” said the president of four car dealerships from Tustin to Huntington Beach and south to Mission Viejo.

in the meantime Supply chains continue to influence car buying choicesPatterson said the service business remains strong.

“We have found that our dedicated employees must pay close attention to our loyal customers, which is absolutely critical to our continued longevity,” he says. “Like any dealer, we see that the service department gets more traffic every day than the sales department.”

So Paterson emphasize growth Provide resources and feedback to existing teams.

“My job is to show them my appreciation and let them know as much as possible that the environment we are trying to provide is a great one.”

Change from afar has CEO David King alarmed. Optima Tax Relief in Santa Ana. The company, which helps consumers get out of tax debt, has stalled because: Internal Revenue Service Changes and Disruptions.

“Demand for Optima has been adversely affected by the inflationary environment,” King said. “IRS enforcement has also been suspended for the past 18 months, putting further pressure on certain industries.”

David King, CEO of Optima Tax Relief, Santa Ana, Wednesday, October 30, 2019. Optima Tax Relief was nominated as one of Orange County's Top Workplaces for 2019.  (Photo: Orange County Registrar/SCNG, Mr. Leonard Ortiz)
David King, CEO of Santa Ana’s Optima Tax Relief, is “cautious” about hiring because inflationary pressures are hurting the tax-relief business. (Photo Credit: Leonard Ortiz of Orange County Registrar/SCNG)

King said he was “prudent” in staffing decisions.

“The last thing we want to do is hire staff and then leave them because they didn’t meet expectations,” he said. “Our approach has been to protect as many of our current staff as possible until the IRS resolves the matter.”

Part of his approach is also to communicate “early and often” about what’s good or bad.

“I think our team appreciates transparency. No one complained about excessive communication,” King said.

Columnist Jonathan Lanzner’s analysis says the pandemic is waning in California. Job offer/turnover rate survey. It tends to decrease by 6% in the year ending March. However, the rate of leaving in search of better wages or more flexible work schedules remains high, with 27% of all workers having “voluntarily resigned”.

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As the Fed ponders whether to raise rates in June, employers are sitting on the sidelines waiting to commit to either infrastructure improvements or new jobs.

Economic Forecasts by Economists at Cal State University Fullerton Jobs forecast to slow in Southern California Inflationary pressure will be felt from this year to next year. Locally, employers expect him to add another 7,000 jobs this year, a modest increase but a 90% drop from his annual average. In 2024 he expects to cut 10,000 jobs.

For King, as government spending kicks in, he sees greener pastures ahead. “We are gearing up for long-term, rapid growth,” he said, looking forward to new business as the IRS commits to an $80 billion technology and jobs improvement effort.

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The Orange County Registrar’s 16th Annual Top Places to Work program will begin accepting nominations on Sunday, May 28. (Southern California News Group)

nominate a local business

The Register’s 16th Annual Top Workplaces is soliciting nominations for Orange County’s best companies and organizations.

Who can participate? Any organization with 35 or more employees in Orange County is eligible to participate, including public, private, nonprofit, and government agencies.

Does it cost anything? Participation is free.

How does it work? Workplaces are rated by employees using a 24-question questionnaire. Eligible companies will then be surveyed by Energage, the project’s research partner, from June to August.

When is the deadline? Deadline for nominations is July 7, 2023

When will we know who won? The list of winners will be announced in late 2023

Where do I send my nominations? go to

Is there another way to nominate? Candidates can also register by calling 714-442-2768. Orange County’s 2023 Top Places to Work Candidate Recruitment – ​​Orange County Register

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