Orange County trial begins for Michael Avenatti, accused of embezzling millions from clients – San Bernardino Sun

Michael Avenatti, a prominent civil lawyer who gained fame through the proceedings against Donald Trump and the subsequent cable news appearance, told the jury on Wednesday, July 21st.

The latest jury trial involving Avenatti began in federal court in Santa Anna, where Century City residents denied he had stolen from a client.

Avenatti, who made a last-minute decision to represent herself in this trial, first gained public attention when representing pornographic actress Stormy Daniels in a proceeding against Trump. He soon became a favorite of broadcast news with Trump’s blame and even pondered his potential presidential outlook.

Then came Soaring Federal Criminal Cases in California and New York, Caused his public collapse.

The current trial focuses on 10 wire frauds related to allegations of stealing money borrowed from the settlement negotiated by Avenatti and defrauding five clients.

Assistant U.S. lawyer Brett Segel to prevent Avenatti from hiding the exact terms of the settlement from the client, depositing money in his bank account, embezzling money from the money, and preventing the client from discovering the theft. I told the jury that I would lie – sometimes I mistakenly claim that no agreement has been reached or pay a small amount as “progress”.

“They completely trusted Michael Avenatti, and he broke their trust and stole their money,” Segel said.

Avenatti Refuse to embezzlement payments, His company undertook a complex case not touched by other law firms, and he and his fellow lawyers spent money in advance and the company has the right to recover the costs if a successful settlement is reached. I told the jury that.

“We represented thousands of little guys, David vs. Goliath,” Avenatti said. “We gave those who had no chance a chance to fight.”

Prosecutors began arguing that Avenatti had stolen from Jeffrey Johnson’s $ 4 million settlement, which was paraplegic after being injured in a men’s central prison in downtown Los Angeles. According to prosecutors, Avenatti spent years avoiding paying millions of dollars to pay Johnson, who had to buy a wheelchair-accessible house and van.

In 2016, Avenatti took up the case of Alexis Gardner, a woman living outside the car, and successfully settled $ 2.75 million with Hassan Whiteside, Gardner’s former boyfriend and former NBA player. The reason for the proceeding is unknown. Avenatti hid the terms of the settlement from the prosecutor’s alleged Gardner and spent a lot of money on private planes for his company.

Prosecutors also said Avenatti hid the terms of a $ 1.9 million settlement agreement with a Colorado company on intellectual property claims on behalf of Gregory Valera.

The final series of allegations included the work of Michelle Phan, an early social media influencer and founder of cosmetics company Ipsy, and Avenatti with Long Tran, who owned the company’s stake.

According to prosecutors, Avenatti has negotiated a share repurchase agreement between Ipsy and Trang and Fan for more than $ 27 million. However, Avenanatti claimed that instead of paying back to the creditors and spending the money to avoid bankruptcy, he embezzled about $ 4 million owed to Trang and his fans.

Avenatti said he had gone awry to help his clients, including paying Johnson a large amount of medical expenses and Gardner for living expenses.

At one point, Avenatti appeared to claim to the jury that he had been unfairly investigated, saying, “This case did not start with a crime, but with a target.” “Tell the jury that you are trying to prove.”

Orange County trial begins in a few weeks Avenatti was sentenced to two and a half years in prison by a federal judge in New York For trying to blackmail Nike. Even after the current trial, he faces additional charges in Orange County, including allegations that he provided false tax records to obtain millions of business loans. Deal with her memoirs.

Orange County trial begins for Michael Avenatti, accused of embezzling millions from clients – San Bernardino Sun Source link Orange County trial begins for Michael Avenatti, accused of embezzling millions from clients – San Bernardino Sun

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