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Twelve state legislators representing some of Orange County drafted 81 bills that passed a recent significant deadline in this session. From unemployment scams to cannabis beverage packaging to mobile home rent spike caps, there’s a law that covers everything from law to law.

That is, the bill by the State Senator had to be approved by the Senate, and the bill by the House of Representatives had to be approved by Congress. These bills are currently facing committee hearings and chamber voting in other parliaments by the October 10 deadline for Governor Gavin Newsom to sign the approved bill.

Locally, State Senator Thomas Umberg and Senator Sharon Quirk-Silva submitted the most bills during the session, with 12 from Umberg and 11 from Quirk-Silva still in effect. , Rep. Steven Choi, who submitted two bills, and Janet Nguyen, a member who submitted one bill.

Of course, given that the Democratic Party is the majority, it’s more difficult for the Republicans to pass the bill. Creating legislation with support is just one way to measure the effectiveness of a legislator. Supporting legislation written by others and servicing local voters is also an important part of the job. In addition, complex bills that make major changes are much more difficult to pass than bills that tweak existing programs, so quality is more important than quantity.

Here, let’s take a look at the bills by local councilors who have been promoting this session so far.

SD-29 State Senator Josh Newman, D-Fullerton

Newman has the 29th Senate, which includes parts of Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County, and drafted 16 bills in this session. Half, including these major bills, passed parliament by the deadline last week.

• SB 583: When a qualified adult presents the required documents while visiting the DMV office, it will automatically register the adult eligible to vote and send the registered voter’s address or name change to the election manager. And make it possible to update the voter list.

• SB 660Make it illegal for anyone to receive payments based on: Number of signatures they have collected For recall or voting initiatives.

• SB 266: right Expand Chino Hills State Park By adding two more adjacent parcels donated to the state and two more federal, state, and privately funded parcels already identified, we gain about 1,600 acres.

State Senator Bob Archuleta, D-Pico Rivera, SD-32

Arculetta in the 32nd Senate, including parts of Orange County and Los Angeles County, submitted eight of the 17 bills submitted during this session. Included in the main invoice:

• SB 277: Apply new restrictions on fireworks, allowing some of the fireworks seized by the authorities to be resold to authorized wholesalers and the proceeds donated to the existing State Fire and Security Department Fireworks and Disposal Fund.

• SB 576: Continue the new legitimate gambling hall moratorium and allow a slight increase in the number of licensed gaming tables.

• SB 643: The state needs to evaluate the fuel supply infrastructure and fuel production needed to support the adoption of zero-emission trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles.

SD-34 Senator Tom Umber, D-Santa Anna

Umberg, who represents OC’s 34th Senate on the North Coast, already had a bill requiring ballots to be submitted. Mailed to all voters For all elections that will take place by the end of this year when the law is signed. He also submitted 12 of the 22 bills submitted in this session:

• SB 35: Expand the non-election area from 100 feet to 200 feet from voting and clarify rules and penalties to encourage voters to place ballots. Informal ballot box..

• SB 241: Under certain circumstances, allowing witnesses to appear in court remotely, requiring the court to prioritize confidentiality procedures, and with consent, the court providing documents to the parties electronically. Allow.

• SB 498: Raise the income eligibility limit for legal aid services from 125% of the poverty line to 200% and extend the eligibility to all veterans with disabilities.

• SB 665: Prioritize private employers to voluntarily hire veterans and determine employee retention.

SD-36 State Senator Pat Bates, R-Laguna Nigel

Senator Bates drafted 18 bills during this session in the 36th Senator constituency, which includes parts of Orange County and San Diego County. Six people went to parliament, including:

• SB 434: “Brandon’s Law” prohibiting the use of licensed addiction treatment facilities Lying on an ad And marketing materials.

• SB 248: State hospitals will be more likely to contain sexually violent predators convicted of new felony charges.

• SB 454: The Government will allow people with at least $ 1,000 or three months of delinquency to submit a lien on child support property instead of the one-month threshold in effect today.

SD-37 D-Irvine State Senator Dave Min

Min submitted 13 bills in the first year of the State Senator representing the 37th District of the Central OC. Five people passed the Senate, including:

• SB 264: Prohibit gun shows on state property.

• SB 500: Lightweight self-driving cars should have zero emissions.

• SB 654: Allow the child to speak at his or her custody hearing.

AD-55 Congressman R-Brea Philip Chen

In the third term on behalf of AD-55, which includes parts of Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino County, Chen drafted 25 bills. Eight have reached the Senate.

• AB 356: Provides physicians using fluoroscopic digital X-ray equipment in other states with a temporary certificate to use the device in California for 6 to 9 months before being certified here.

• AB 1222: Companies will be able to bottle cannabis-injected beverages in transparent containers, similar to alcohol, rather than requiring them to follow broad guidelines for cannabis products that cannot be sold in see-through packages.

• AB 1260: Support the efforts of the San Bernardino County Department of Transportation to create the first hydrogen and battery-powered trains in North America. We are currently applying an exception to the State Environmental Test Act, which covers hydrogen fueled stations for buses, and also covers stations for such trains.

AD-6 Congressman Sharon Quirk-Silva, D-Fullerton

Quirk-Silva has submitted 26 bills in her fourth term, representing District 65 of the OC. Her 11 bills have been submitted to the Senate.

• AB 68: Cities and counties require affordable housing inventory and public reporting of strategies to assist those experiencing homelessness at the border.

• AB 362: Shelter operators are required to adopt specific health and safety standards. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing state funds.

• AB 978: The annual rent increase for mobile home parks is capped at 3% plus living expenses or 10%, whichever is lower.

• AB 498: Offer $ 15 million in grants tailored to school districts, county institutions, or charter schools to increase the number of computer science teachers.

AD-68 Rep. R-Irvine, Rep. Steven Choi

Choi, the third term on behalf of the 68th district of East OC, drafted 13 bills, including several bills on tax increases related to COVID-19.

• AB 251: We prohibit managers involved in the review of application forms for students who have been enrolled without meeting the usual requirements following a university admission scandal from being involved in campus financing or development.

• AB 1002: Give California veterans equivalent course credits at UC and CSU schools for military training and education.

AD-69 MPs Tom Daly, D-Anaheim

Daly created 10 bills in this session. Six people have passed Congress, including:

• AB 604: The interest income of the state road maintenance and rehabilitation account money should be spent on maintaining the state highways and not diverted elsewhere.

• AB 781: Westminster East Garden Grove A major flood control project in Orange County, known as the Flood Risk Management Project, qualifies for state funding.

• AB 1560: The state requires students to collect information about accessing their computers and home internet services, and signs a contract with the state and internet companies to provide free or discounted access to the students who need it. To do.

AD-72 R-Fountain Valley, Rep. Janet Ngyuen

In the first term, Nguyen, who represents District 72, drafted 17 bills. One went to the Senate.

• AB 1039: The Ministry of Education will extend the deadline for developing a model curriculum on the experience of Vietnamese refugees, the genocide of Cambodia, and the experience of the Hmong by four years, giving the country time to allocate funds and develop effective programs.

AD-73 MP Laurie Davies, R-Laguna Nigel

In his first term representing the 73 wards of southern OC, Davies submitted 13 bills and 6 bills, including:

• AB 381: All medication centers should have opioid overdose emergency medications on-site and staff should be trained in emergency use.

• AB 419 : Prohibit giving defendants personally identifiable information about crime victims or witnesses.

• AB 543: The CSU and UC systems require that information about the food assistance program CalFresh be provided during student orientation.

AD-74 D-Laguna Beach, Congressman Cottie Petrie-Norris

Petrie-Norris drafted 20 bills in this session, eight of which were submitted to the Senate before the Friday deadline.

• AB 110: Helps prevent unemployment insurance fraud by California prison inmates by requiring the Department of Orthodontic Rehabilitation to provide the state EDD with the name and social security number of the current inmate.

• AB 689: Demands that the state provide financial and technical assistance to ensure that local domestic violence centers can implement a 24-hour crisis communication system.

• AB 1057: Extend California’s “Danger Signals Act” to allow authorities to temporarily seize guns from people who have been shown to be dangerous to themselves or others. “Ghost gun” An increasingly common homemade gun that is often untraceable.

Orange County lawmakers advance 81 bills in Sacramento – Orange County Register Source link Orange County lawmakers advance 81 bills in Sacramento – Orange County Register

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