Orange County inmate wrecks firetruck in alleged Northern California escape attempt – San Bernardino Sun

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Sacramento — California prison firefighters apparently stole a fire engine in an escape bid for Independence Day, leaving behind “half a block of destruction” when trying to carjack a second vehicle later. Officials said on Monday.

A 31-year-old prisoner from Orange County was part of a crew of prisoners fighting a vegetation fire caused by illegal fireworks late Sunday in Shingle Springs, a hilly town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains east of Sacramento. He said it was co-supervised by the California Correctional and Fire Department. Inmate firefighter.

Detainees were designed to steal an all-wheel drive wilderness fire engine from the California Department of Forestry and Fire and carry four firefighters. Dave Barao called for an escape attempt.

According to Barao, he carried it through the fence to the site of a nearby Luck It Truck Rack, where one, a tree, and another fence of a business parked vehicle before the rig jumped over the curb and caught in the ditch. I thrust in.

“It was a half-block destruction that he tried to steer this big truck. He probably doesn’t know how to bounce fences and trees and drive well,” Barao said.

Surveillance video Businesses have shown that a fire engine with burning emergency lights is bouncing off the fence at a speed that appears to be slow, orbiting the grounds with a stream of sparks flying from underneath the vehicle. The emergency lights of other vehicles can be seen in the distance.

“Not only the engine, but also private and public property was seriously damaged,” the prison and fire department said in a statement.

With the fire engine disabled, the prisoner ran back towards the truck rack business and tried to steal the car from an employee who had just left, Barao said. They fought, but while the prisoners were unable to start the employee’s car, the employee was able to return to business and lock himself in.

The employee remained “very minor injured” but was not taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, the prisoner was arrested by a prison officer with the help of an agent of the Sheriff of El Dorado County, about 30 minutes after the incident began.

Bill Wild was careful not to spread the fire to the neighboring neighborhood when he saw the fire chief jump on a pickup truck and run away at high speed, leaving the rest of the inmates back in the transport vehicle.

“I called home and told them,’Close the door, there are prisoners in the loose,'” he said on Monday. He then saw and heard the inmates pass through the fence and a fire engine crashed into the ditch.

But then the prisoner returned to the way he came, Wild said: “He basically made a loop-he didn’t do a very good job to escape.”

The prisoner was hospitalized, but was in good shape on Monday and is expected to recover, officials said. He has been in jail since 2015, but authorities quoted an ongoing investigation, saying nothing about the allegations, giving him his name, and not providing any other details. They also couldn’t say if there was a similar previous incident.

The employee who runs the business did not return the message by phone or email.

Wildfires were controlled on about an acre, said Diana Swart, a spokeswoman for the State Fire Department CalFire.

“If he could escape and actually get out on the road with that, it went a little smoother than what it had,” Varao said. “Fortunately, he can’t drive.”

Orange County inmate wrecks firetruck in alleged Northern California escape attempt – San Bernardino Sun Source link Orange County inmate wrecks firetruck in alleged Northern California escape attempt – San Bernardino Sun

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