“Operation Mongoose, at the very heart of this conspiracy” Oliver Stone 1987-1997


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The Cuban Project, called Operation Mongoose, was a major campaign of terrorism against civilians, as well as covert operations, carried out by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in Cuba.[10] It was approved on November 30, 1961 by US President John F. Kennedy. The name Operation Mongoose was approved at a meeting in front of the Press on November 4, 1961. The work was discontinued by JM/WAVE, a major U.S. secret agent and intelligence agency that founded Was held a year ago in Miami, Florida.[11][12] and was led by United States Air Force General Edward Lansdale on the military side and William King Harvey in the CIA and was executed after the fall of the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

Operation Mongoose was a secret program against Cuba that aimed to remove the Communists from power, which was the main focus of the Kennedy administration.[4] The letter from the U.S. Department of State confirmed the intention to “help Cuba overthrow the Communist government,” with its leader Fidel Castro, and he believed “for a possible coup in Cuba in October 1962 “. The American legislature also wanted to see “a new government that would allow America to live in peace.”[13]

In Oliver Stone’s film JFK, Operation Mongoose portrays the flashback series as a training ground where, among other things, Lee Harvey Oswald becomes exposed to anti-Castro militia tactics. .


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“Operation Mongoose, at the very heart of this conspiracy” Oliver Stone 1987-1997 Source link “Operation Mongoose, at the very heart of this conspiracy” Oliver Stone 1987-1997

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