OnlyFans to ban sexually explicit content citing regulatory concerns

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OnlyFans avoids creators who have banned sexually explicit content on the platform and helped make the UK company one of the fastest growing social platforms in the world due to regulatory concerns. ..

The company said Thursday evening that it would not allow content “including sexually explicit” from October 1st to “respond to the demands of banking partners and payment providers.”

Nude will continue to be allowed, and the company said more detailed guidance will be available to more than 2 million creators in the coming days.

“We need to evolve our content guidelines to ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform and continue to host a comprehensive community of creators and fans,” he said in a statement.

Unexpected movements will shock adult performers. Flocked to the platform During a pandemic, the production of more traditional pornography was hampered by the blockade.

“We have no plans to shut down adult creators,” Tim Stokeley, the company’s founder and chief executive officer, told the Financial Times in April.

On a platform where sex workers, celebrities and influencers charge fans for photos, videos and customized content, last year’s transactions increased 615% to £ 1.7 billion, before this decision this year 300 million. The pound’s pre-tax profit was expected.

Some close to the business said Leonie Doradobinsky, the director and majority owner of the company, recently made a decision because the stigma of pornographic content has made it difficult to attract new business partners. rice field.

OnlyFans was uncertain about the short-term impact of this decision on earnings, but directors estimate a potential reduction of 25% in the coming months.

“You can be the world’s largest porn site or have a great social media platform in terms of business model,” said someone close to the company, and OnlyFans will now become more mainstream. Explained that it is a platform such as Facebook’s Instagram and TikTok.

“It is no exaggeration to say that they have lost their potential partners. [their] The board will say [porn] The risk of reputation was too great. “

OnlyFans also faces high processing costs from payment providers such as Visa and Mastercard. These merchants charge high fees to companies in the adult industry.

The company has been in the last few months Sale of shares Someone near the company was thinking about a dramatic change in the business model to attract new investors, so something was suspended.

OnlyFans to ban sexually explicit content citing regulatory concerns Source link OnlyFans to ban sexually explicit content citing regulatory concerns

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