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Irvine — Matthew Stafford will have to wait more than 200 days after joining the Rams in a trade in late January before getting an official chance to perform for the team in the opening round in mid-September.

To spend time, he reminds us every day why Rams got him.

It happened again when Rams closed the first week of the training camp and welcomed a large number of fans to the highly competitive practice at the University of California, Irvine.

In one of the few highlights during the red zone drill between the attack and defense of the first unit on Sunday, Stafford hurriedly scrambled towards the right sideline, centered the pass and the last. The zone that rushed the wide receiver cool-up in the back.

“I love the way he can move and manipulate his pockets,” Rams coach Sean McVay later said. “He found Cooper, he found Darrell (Henderson with another pass). They are exciting. It’s a staple of what he’s done at such a high level throughout his career. This is one of the things I think was there.

“It was special.”

Even more special, McBay thought, as Stafford’s pass was made shortly after the cornerback Jalen Ramsey made a passcut and runback.

“What I really liked was the great play of Ramsey and Defense. What I’m most interested in is the reaction,” McBay said. “He (Staffford) is so stable that he came back soon and played a lot of really good plays.”

All together, now: it’s just practice.

But what was rarely seen by former quarterback Jared Goff, who Rams was sent to Lions with three draft topics on the January 30 contract, is also a flash of creativity from Stafford (33).

When the writer told outside linebacker Leonard Floyd that the attack seemed to have more practitioners than a year ago, Floyd replied, “I think it’s Matthew,” he said. Is a competitor. ”

The largest crowd of fans practicing the Rams in the first four days of the training camp was treated with a receiver-to-cornerback one-on-one drill that saw DeSean Jackson test Jalen Ramsey. ..

Jackson set foot on Ramsey on a deep route on the right sideline, but caught up with Ramsey and broke Stafford’s pass.

It was incomplete, but it was Jackson, a free agent signature, and a play like Stafford was brought to run.

Stafford was modest in the interview and probably didn’t want to hype about him and Rams during the long offseason.

“I’m just soaking it all up and trying to be comfortable as soon as possible,” he said of the early days of the training camp.

When asked what impressed him about Stafford on Friday, Kup talked about the details.

“The subtleties of how he works his defenses and what he does with his eyes,” Kup said. “He threw it here today and I just didn’t like it. He’s looking for guys on the way to throw, where he’s throwing across his body. The ball is out before the receiver sees it.”

Stafford and his recipients are still working to reach the same page in the playbook, Kup said.

When they did, the recipient said, “It will be special to us.”

health centre

Defensive lineman Bobby Brown III (thumb) and defensive back Roberto Shell (wrist) undergo surgery, and two rookies are frustrated by competing for play time.

McBay said Rochelle will have surgery on Monday.

“When they get in there, we’ll have a better idea of ​​what his return schedule is,” McBay said.

The coach said Brown should make a “quick fix” to the ulnar collateral ligament and actually return within a week.

Both Brown and Rochelle were picked 13 picks apart in the fourth round draft topic.

Only practice? Matthew Stafford showing Rams ‘special stuff’ – Press Enterprise Source link Only practice? Matthew Stafford showing Rams ‘special stuff’ – Press Enterprise

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