Once a Bobcat, now a Cub: Leigh heads to big leagues

Zach Lee is a high five of the five-year-old who realized his dream.

On July 13, the Chicago Cubs picked a right-handed pitcher in the 16th round, making a total of 484th picks. Former Bobcat is the 74th player drafted in Texas history.

“I’ve dreamed of this since I picked up the ball. It was a stressful few days, I was on the phone after the call,” Lee said. “When the Cubs finally call, I’ll never forget that feeling that I was able to continue my professional baseball career.”

Lee has no traditional commitment story. He graduated from high school and was two athletes playing baseball and soccer. But he didn’t accumulate the NCAA Division I offer.

Former Bobcat second baseman Jonathan Ortega, a graduate of Victoria East High School, said good words to Lee. The coach provided Lee with a place for the roster, and in 2017 he walked as a two-way player playing pitchers and outfielders.

“I couldn’t get any more excited to get there and get to work. As a walk-on, I knew what I could do. My whole mindset went out. It was to prove myself, “Lee said.

According to Lee, Texas State University taught him how to approach each game mentally and plan on the mound. They scrutinized the scout reports and movies and felt how the batters of other teams were attacking.

His coach saw how he thrived on the mound, so they ultimately focused on him being just a pitcher. Lee proved himself and won a scholarship with nine starts and 21 rescue appearances in his first two seasons.

During the Bobcat era, Lee was named to the 2018 Sun Belt Conference Championship All-Tournament Team, won the league’s regular season title in 2019, and was named the National Player of the Week in the College Baseball Newspaper earlier this year. .. He finished his college career with a record of 12-13 and 4.59 ERA.

Lee will fly to Arizona on Sunday, where he will play in the Arizona Complex League in search of a rookie. He will be evaluated over the first few weeks to see where his next destination is.

“For the first season, I want to get there to learn about the culture of the organization and meet all the players and coaches,” Lee said. “I’m excited to learn more about the professional side of baseball.”

Lee is also interested in learning more about his body and eventually progressing as a person and as a baseball player to play in the big leagues.

Lee looks forward to meeting people from all walks of life, not just playing baseball. He plans to become a sponge by learning how others can approach and learn the game.

Lee is modeled after the New York Mets right-handed Marcus Stroman and the Houston Astros RHP Justin Verlander. He praises their focus and competitiveness.

“Because I was two-way, I feel that I have the athletic ability to fill my position and play when the ball is played, as well as pitching,” Lee said. .. “In the future, I will use my athletic ability to do things that other people cannot do.”

Lee is about to enter an unfamiliar territory, but he is trapped and ready to prove himself. He is proud to move forward, even if he fails several times.

“After all, you are the only one who knows your way of thinking and your abilities. You just have to work and you know deeply that your motivation and passion will lead you to success. “Lee said.

As a previous walk-on, Lee used his thinking to distinguish it from others. A person from Victoria won a ticket to the biggest stage of his life.

“If you turn to it and trust your preparations, work ethic, thinking, and the people around you who know and love you,” Lee said. “Know that you can do whatever you come up with.”

Once a Bobcat, now a Cub: Leigh heads to big leagues Source link Once a Bobcat, now a Cub: Leigh heads to big leagues

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