Omicron Variant Pulls Pfizer Back Into The Vaccine Game

Just as Pfizer thought they were out, the Omicron variant of COVID quickly pulled them back …

When we think the pandemic is nearing its end, new variants emerge and bring us back to the square. This time around, Omicron sounds like the worst Transformers ever, and some health professionals and investors are worried.

This means that vaccine makers like Pfizer must feel like Michael Corleone. The Godfather PART3. Just when they thought they were out … the latest varieties put them back.

As a result, Pfizer, one of the driving forces behind the COVID-19 vaccine, remains “very bullish” in its green zone rating.

In addition to booster shot promotion and potential new vaccines targeting Omicron, Pfizer is a large pharmaceutical company that can leverage economies of scale to produce new drugs, including some patent-protected drugs. Has strong cash flow.

In addition, the latest study by Pfizer and its vaccine partner BioNTech SE may require a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine to treat the Omicron variant in the first lab study. I found out. Sales from large booster shots are increasing worldwide.

And according to Pfizer, they may produce a new Omicron-specific vaccine as early as March 2022.

However, there are mixed opinions about the severity of the new variant.

Some apocalypse, such as Dr. Leong Hoe, believe that “Omicron is likely to overwhelm the whole world” in the coming months.

But one of the doctors discover Omicron variants say that a huge overreaction of the media is unjustified.

Dr. Angelique Coetze Told reuters “The hype currently being created in the media and around the world has nothing to do with the clinical picture,” she added, “separating us from travel and banning South Africa is what we do throughout the process. We do not guarantee that you are a villain, and you should not do so, “he added.

Dr. Coetzee said that those who have ever been observed to be infected with Omicron have mild symptoms and “don’t panic because no seriously ill patients are seen.”

Coetzee said: “I have identified hospitals, several hospitals in my area, and one of the largest hospitals that currently have only one COVID-positive patient on ventilator. They are whether it is COVID. I don’t even know. As you know, it’s delta or omicron related. “

John Nkensgason, leader of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, patiently begged people, “Give us some time … it’s very early.” “This is a different lineage from Britain and South Africa,” he added.

However, regardless of the severity of the Omicron variant, Pfizer is in a strong position to grow in the future given its extensive portfolio of medicines reported to be in the pipeline.

That’s why Pfizer remains “bullish.”

Omicron Variant Pulls Pfizer Back Into The Vaccine Game Source link Omicron Variant Pulls Pfizer Back Into The Vaccine Game

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