OLPH, Mojave Unified cancel classes on Friday due to staffing shortages | News

Due to a wave of staff absenteeism related to COVID-19, some Kern County schools have started canceling classes on Fridays.

Bakersfield’s Catholic School, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and all schools in the Mojave Unified School District canceled classes on Friday due to lack of staff. Classes will resume on Tuesday after the Martin Luther King Junior Day holiday.

These are the first kindergarten to high school schools that canceled classes in Kern County since returning from vacation.

“We hope that the extended weekend will give staff and students the time they need to recover and mitigate the COVID-19 epidemic on campus,” said OLPH Principal Nicole Reback. Is writing. School website.. “We apologize for any inconvenience. We know that many people work in families with limited childcare options.”

The news arrives on the day when a record 2,002 cases were reported in Kern County. Local educators in Kern County said the educated and classified staff had reached their limits as more absenteeism occurred due to the rise of the more contagious variants of Omicron.

Rebuck’s statement also included “potential exposure” as a reason for the school’s closure.

“We do not yet have the virus spread to the community at school and we are taking calculated precautions to keep it that way,” the statement said.

Mojave Unified Inspector Catherine Aguille said she wanted the district to remain terribly open, but that was not possible because 105 of the approximately 300 staff were ill. It’s been a tough week, but it’s time for district leaders to determine that the safety of their students is at stake.

There are concerns about the spread of COVID in districts from kindergarten to high school, Aguile said. However, there were so many absenteeism that in most cases there were not enough staff to ensure that students could bus, feed, or monitor the playground.

The Norris School District announced on Wednesday that it will temporarily suspend bus services to general education students due to staffing issues.

However, in areas like Mojave Unified, where the population is small, it is not possible to continue school without a bus, but the geography of California City and Mojave is vast. In districts that serve just under 3,000 students, 95% rely on buses.

Aguirre said he knows how the spillover effect of canceling a class will affect the community. It affects children, which means parents readjust their schedule and scramble for last-minute parenting.

According to Aguile, schools in Kern County that cancel classes make decisions only as an absolute last resort. She feels “the urgency to get her children to school and learn.”

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OLPH, Mojave Unified cancel classes on Friday due to staffing shortages | News Source link OLPH, Mojave Unified cancel classes on Friday due to staffing shortages | News

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