Olga Diaz accepts executive position at University of Wisconsin

Olga Diaz, a former Escondido city council member who chose not to run for reelection after 12 years in office last year, has been appointed to the executive position at the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire.

Her new position will be Deputy Prime Minister of Fairness, Diversity, Inclusion and Student Affairs and will begin work on June 14.

This move will allow Diaz to further develop his work at Palomar College. At Palomar College, he has been Director of Student Success and Fairness for the past five and a half years. Previously, he was Director of Employment Services at Interfaith Community Services in North County and Research Analyst at Santa Clara University. She also owned and operated a coffee shop in downtown Escondido.

“I’m excited, but I’m leaving my favorite place,” Diaz said.

UW-Eau Claire is part of the University of Wisconsin’s 13-campus system with approximately 10,000 students. Diaz has a strong family relationship with the region, as her husband, Lieutenant Neil Griffin of the Escondido Police, grew up in Oakrea, and her father-in-law, James Philip Griffin, was a professor of philosophy and chair of philosophy and religion. I’m waiting. UW – Oakrea Research Division.

Diaz’s family owns a farmhouse in the area and has visited Oakrea and college campuses many times.

According to Diaz, her duties in the new job include helping the university recruit and retain students, faculty and staff, and increase the diversity of the campus population. She will also set up a center for racial and restorative justice.

“Campus is willing to try good things and new things and find ways to improve themselves,” Diaz said.

Diaz’s responsibilities include the school’s Department of Multicultural Affairs, which advises and teaches students, and the supervision of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, said Michael Kearney, Vice President of Academic Affairs at UW-O’Claire.

“She captured everything we were looking for in a candidate,” Kearney, who co-chaired the Search Committee on Diaz’s position.

During the interview, Diaz was able to connect with a variety of groups on campus, from students and faculty to direct reports, deans, and a team of executives at the Prime Minister.

“Olga had the ability to connect with anyone, but this is not common,” Kearney said.

Another thing that made Diaz stand out, according to Kearney, was her service at the Escondido City Council, demonstrating her ability to effectively communicate with a wider range of supporters. Campuses need skills to promote community understanding of their commitment to fairness, inclusion and diversity.

UW-O’Claire is a predominantly Caucasian institution in the state’s predominantly Caucasian region, but schools want to increase the number of representatives of minority groups that have an important presence in the region, including Latin Americans, Hmong and Somalis. Said Kearney.

Currently, about 87% of school students are white and about 13% are non-white, according to Kearney. Teachers are more diverse, with about 20 percent being non-white.

“We’re making money, but it’s a slow progress,” Kearney said.

The school’s website describes the mission of the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Student Affairs departments as follows: Academic performance of all Blugold students. “

For now, Diaz said he plans to move to Wisconsin while her husband stays in Escondido, allowing the couple’s sons to come and go as often as possible to graduate from high school. She will also continue her PhD program, which she began at USC this year.

When her son went to college, she said she and her husband would make Oakrea their home. The couple also has three grown-up daughters.

She looks forward to a new adventure in the Midwest, but claims to be able to cope with cold winter weather and summer bugs. Diaz said: “I will never forget Escondido. I spent most of my adult life here.”

Olga Diaz accepts executive position at University of Wisconsin Source link Olga Diaz accepts executive position at University of Wisconsin

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