Offset Got Cardi B a Literal Mansion for Her Birthday

Cute little birthday card There is nothing from the pharmacy compared to the mansion. For Cardi B’s 29th birthday offset I got her the whole mansion. It’s the whole house!

Cardi B, who turned 29 on October 11, shared personal news on Instagram.

“Now I’ve told Set that I really want to invest in DR and other short-term home rentals in the Caribbean (because people are on vacation all year round in those places), but he I felt like I didn’t do that, “I agree with me and rather spend money on other investments,” Cardi B wrote on Instagram.

She continued. “Well, I was wrong. I can’t believe it 🥺! This was awesome for me. For one thing, you actually listened to me and not just smiled and nodded. I’m very happy to stop talking to you about it 😂. The second is that I don’t think my investment idea is crazy 😩 and the third is to work with my dad about this You and my dad (and 🤱🏽) are the most important men in my life and I am very pleased that you are intimate and have your own bonds and relationships. I like ♥ ️ ♥ ️ so much that I can’t wait for this hangover to go away so I can show you my complete appreciation 😈😈. “

According to the video, the house has 6 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, and a separate studio. A modern home surrounded by palm trees with spectacular sea views and multiple pools. It really looks like a paradise.

Cardi B and offset Nevertheless, I have been married since 2017 Short separation in 2020..They share 3-year-old daughter And my son was born in September 2021.

Offset Got Cardi B a Literal Mansion for Her Birthday Source link Offset Got Cardi B a Literal Mansion for Her Birthday

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