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Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer stood in front of a news camera after being involved in a massacre that killed four people in Orange this week and eight in Seal Beach nearly a decade ago.

Spitzer told reporters that he would not make the same mistakes as his predecessor, Tony Rakaukas, who tearfully promised to deliver just two days after the killing. Death penalty for archers at Seal Beach – And after cutting the corner of the case, it failed brilliantly.

Spitzer said he would be more cautious and more cautious about deciding whether to seek the death penalty. Suspected orange archer Amminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez, despite the emotional nature of the murder, including the death of a nine-year-old boy..

“I’m not in a hurry,” Spitzer said. “The defendant … deserves all legitimate consideration. Asking the jury to make a death verdict is the most serious consequence we seek.”

Spitzer has investigated nearly 20 murders in the last two years and said he has not sought the death penalty in any of these cases.

According to Spitzer, the rampage in Orange on Wednesday, March 31, was subject to the death penalty as it caused multiple casualties and gunmen covered the gates with padlocks to block police access. Become.

On Friday, Spitzer’s office submitted multiple counts of attempted murders and attempted murders against Gonzales, as well as strengthening special circumstances that would leave his options open when seeking the death penalty.

Spitzer told reporters who were enthusiastic about the death penalty in response to Thursday that there was no reason to hurry.

“I want to know all the facts of the case before a very important decision is made,” Spitzer said. “I want everyone to fully understand that we’re going to do everything right. We’re not going to hurry. And we’re not going to make mistakes. We’re going to do the law. I’m going to proceed properly, carefully, and within the limits of …. There was a serious mistake made by the prosecution team in the last shooting here at Seal Beach in Orange County. “

In a later interview, Spitzer added: “We cannot cut corners or bend the rules just because the accused was accused of a large and horrific murder. This case cannot be abused.”

Spitzer’s comment faced skepticism from a lawyer representing Gonzales. He said Spitzer had already speculated about the incident and gave more details than necessary during the news conference.

“If he is sincere in respecting the judicial process, it is more public statements, including speculation that he and his office died in the arms of his mother, and more. I think it means refraining from revealing details of the inflammation in the county, because the gates are padlocked, allowing them to have a fair trial in this county by affecting or polluting the potential jury pool. It can be a hindrance, “said national lawyer Ken Morrison.

Legal experts explained that the law requires Spitzer to consider factors that alleviate problems such as the suspect’s childhood before deciding whether to seek death.

Laurence Rosenthal, a professor at Chapman University’s Dale E. Fowler School of Law, said: “The easiest thing to do is to sentence you to death. Responsible action is to evaluate all the evidence before making a decision, and to mitigate and exacerbate the evidence.”

Rosenthal, a formal federal prosecutor, said seeking the death penalty was not just a legal decision, but a moral decision.

“Few people are just social illnesses,” he said. “After hearing about the’he’s an animal’case, I learned that he was abused as a child.”

Some legal experts praised Spitzer for hesitating to get involved in the emotions of the case. This was Rakaukas’ first failure against Seal Beach shooter Scott Decry.

According to them, the death penalty was the only goal in the idea of ​​winning the Dekraai case at all costs that did not get it off the ground.

Declaai prosecutors were afraid to submit a crazy defense that worked for Edward Allaway, who shot and killed seven people in Fullerton, California in 1976. He remains imprisoned in a state hospital.

To thwart that defense, prosecutors and police officers used invalid documents to obtain Dekraai records from his personal psychologist. They also eavesdropped on Declaai’s cell and used prison informants to draw evidence from him. This breach of Dekraai’s right to have a lawyer present was seen in other cases of prison informants being abused.

At least seven felony cases have been uncovered due to fraud, and a judge in the higher court has banned the entire 250 district attorneys office from Dekraai’s indictment. The judge also abolished Dekraai’s death penalty in support of multiple life imprisonments in prison.

Spitzer took advantage of this controversy and promised to leave Lakaukas in 2018 and clean up the office.

On Friday, Spitzer said prison informants would not be used in the proceedings against Gonzales.

Observers such as Rosenthal said Lakaukas had lost sight of Declaai’s constitutional rights. That’s how the best prosecutors were eager to win.

According to Rosenthal, the Lakaukas administration was not accountable.

“The disastrous lack of (office) director has been distorted,” he said.

Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Kemerinsky said Spitzer would be good at learning these lessons from the so-called snitch scandal. Please do not infringe the rights of the suspect. If you get caught, do not cover it.

“It was a deliberate attempt to violate the law (under Lakaukas),” Kemerinsky said. “It’s not a difficult set of rules to follow.”

In the orange shoot, Spitzer said things would change this time.

“Many lessons have been learned and I have studied them all,” he said. “When it’s time, I’ll sit down with the victim’s family and make no promises.”

OCDA Spitzer heeds warnings from Seal Beach mass killing as he considers death penalty in Orange shooting – Press Enterprise Source link OCDA Spitzer heeds warnings from Seal Beach mass killing as he considers death penalty in Orange shooting – Press Enterprise

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