Oatly takes Cambridgeshire family farm to court in trademark dispute

Oatly, a Swedish auto milk maker with a market value of $ 15 billion, has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a Cambridgeshire-based family-owned farm for Pure Oaty drinks.

According to a document filed in court, the Malmö-based group called Glebe Farm Foods, which specializes in gluten-free oats, a trademark that includes the Oatly brand name and packaging design, and named the beverage Oatly. He accuses him of “spoofing”.

Autory, which Listed on New York last monthIs seeking an injunction to suspend the sale of the PureOaty brand, as well as damages and costs. A two-day trial began on Wednesday at the London High Court.

Glebe Farm Foods, which reported less than £ 5m in net worth in the year to March 2020, denied this claim and said its brand launched in 2020 was simply “reminiscent of the concept of purity and integrity.” Insist.

Conflict arises as a brand of vegetable milk Call Globally to meet the growing cohort of environmentally conscious consumers. Oatly itself is preparing to open a large production facility in Peterborough, eastern England.

When Greave Farm rebranded its auto drink product as PureOaty in 2020, Autory and its UK business lawyer said, “The intention of Greave Farm is to remind us of Otree’s products, thereby making the Otree brand so attractive. It was to benefit from the reputation. “

Oatly’s Barista Edition is designed to lather like dairy milk for use in coffee and is the best-selling single product on the UK alternative dairy market, February 27, 2021. With annual sales of over £ 38 million.

Oatly’s lawyers claim that the name PureOaty is reminiscent of Oatly, but the blue packaging of the product and the image of the teacup are also reminiscent of the Swedish brand.

Ishen Paran, general manager of Oatly’s UK division, told court Wednesday that the launch of PureOaty may be related to the Oatly supply shortage reported in 2019.

However, a lawyer at Greaves Farm, which primarily sells oats to third-party manufacturers, has asked to dismiss all allegations against the Cambridgeshire company.

They pointed out that the only thing Oatly and PureOaty have in common is “general features” such as coffee cups and the descriptive word “oats”, and Oatly does not offer a gluten-free version.

They deny “intentional free riding” and state that their packaging “does not imitate color or talkative redundancy.” [Oatly’s] Packaging. ..[it]Don’t make what the claimant can legitimately call an ape. “The case continues.

Nestlé failed in an attempt to trademark the term “vegan butcher” in the United States this year after another family-owned company, Harbivorous Butcher, filed an objection.

Oatly takes Cambridgeshire family farm to court in trademark dispute Source link Oatly takes Cambridgeshire family farm to court in trademark dispute

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