Oakland Pride Month is going strong, with some events live and other virtual

Auckland Pride Month is celebrated until September, Countless events.. However, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a threat this year, and the celebrations vary.

The Auckland Pride Festival was originally planned to be held directly. However, due to safety concerns, I switched to virtual about a week ago.

But last Saturday, directly to Lake Merritt, Oakland LGBTQ Community Center’s first pride in the park: Dozens of people gathered under white tents for the LGBTQ + Health & Wellness Fair, celebrating the center’s fourth anniversary. I did.

“Many people are unaware of the safety precautions we can take to keep our community safe,” said Oakland-based community health promoter for HIV education and prevention projects in Alameda County. Arthur Shanks said. He spent the day showing people how to administer naloxone to overdose people.

The DJ blew the music out of the black queer club scene. Participants danced, greeted friends, and employees and volunteers at the Auckland LGBTQ + Community Center encouraged people to let everyone know that singer Cecilia Veronica “CeCe” Peniston was on stage.

Occasionally interrupting the bright music, employees reminded the crowd that they could get HIV testing, COVID-19 vaccine, and other medical services at the fair. They also handed out naloxone kits.

Lavender Senior Program Coordinator Karen A. Anderson has come to Pride in the Park to recruit volunteers to help fight. Lonely Among LGBTQ + seniors The chances of living alone are twice as high as those of the elderly. Launched in 1994, Auckland-based Lavender Seniors will host a support group to train licensed professionals on how to support LGBTQ + seniors.

“We encourage young people who are interested in supporting our community to join in, reach out and call us,” she said.

Jesse Brooks, a local HIV + activist who attended the event with a small and friendly dog, spent the day learning about organizations and local businesses.

“I love my community, so I’m here to help you have a good time,” he said.

Long after the colorful balloons were cleared and people returned home, Ashlee Banks, a wellness service coordinator at the Auckland LGBTQ Community Center, advised people to seek help when needed.

LGBTQ + community Facing barriers to health care,especially Transgender and non-binary people.. Banks said the issue was important to pride.

“It’s very important to us that our community is healthy and safe, and that we have all the resources here for them,” she said.

It was safe to say that after a larger Auckland Pride organization held a virtual festival last year, it decided not to attend directly this year.

“I’m sorry that this decision had to be made. Given the obstacles I faced in planning a safe event during the pandemic, I feel it’s the best choice,” said Auckland. Pride is writing. That website..

If you couldn’t attend the online event, you can continue to attend. Digital Marketplace, A place where people can learn more about LGBTQ + businesses and organizations in and around Auckland. The page will be available for shopping after September.

Oakland Pride Month is going strong, with some events live and other virtual Source link Oakland Pride Month is going strong, with some events live and other virtual

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